Voyeur IM: Comedy Uncut

Pure chat comedy, raw and uncut, from the PIC Staff.

What Will Women Do Wrong Next | 2-2-12 (featuring Vernon, Court)
Bagging you momma, dry handjobs, and surprise party drugs for women. Read »

For Richer or Poorer | 2-24-08 (featuring Xavier, Court)
Blind people on the computer, rich people on the street, & poor people on food stamps. Read »

Bloody Communism and Creative Accounting | 2-20-08 (featuring Tyler, Court)
Bloody communism, creepy reconnection via internet, and creative accounting. Read »

High Gravity and Arrogant Gods | 1-17-08 (featuring Mikey, Court)
High gravity thinking, the arrogance of God, and the reason why hell is better than heaven. Read »

Server Side Improv Scripting | 1-26-07 (featuring Dan, Court)
Website inside jokes, vaginoplasty recommendations, and vampire wicca shit. Read »

Chicken and the Egg Jokes | 3-16-07 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Chickens, duh. Eggs can't come stupid. Read »

Hungry for Steak 'n AIDS | 1-19-07 (featuring Nick, Court)
Rare steak dinners, little-known HIV facts, and the AIDS singles scene. Read »

AIM, IE7, iTunes and Playboy Tan Lines | 11-22-06 (featuring Mikey, Court)
New computer programs, old Playboy tan lines, and relationship secrets. Read »

Sleeping with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Black Bears | 11-6-06 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Classic woman vs. beast: sleeping with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and black bears. Read »

Disgustingly Sexual MadLibs | 10-13-06 (featuring Michael, Nick, Court)
MadLibs make a disgustingly sexual online comeback in this chat room. Read »

Boy Band Chat Room Tryouts | 9-25-06 (featuring Mikey, Michael, Court)
PIC's boy band trio holds chat room tryouts to recruit a 4th member from the public. Read »

Google Fortunes and Sergey Brin | 9-13-06 (featuring Michael, Court)
Lost Google fortunes, Sergey Brin's cock, and the reason Pluto's not a planet anymore. Read »

Cocaine vs. Roman Coke | 8-28-06 (featuring Nick, Court)
Cocaine vs. Roman Coke, pun delivery, French failure, and military dress. Read »

Behind the First Name | 8-11-06 (featuring E. Mike, Court)
Behind the first name, ahead of the movie curve, and somewhere in between the lyrical lines. Read »

Inbox and Domain Name Humor | 8-1-06 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Taboo inbox humor, new clothing lines, a circus of domain names, and elephant puns. Read »

Yo Momma Jokes and Maria Sharapova | 7-10-06 (featuring Mikey, Court)
The skinny (and fat) on yo momma jokes, plus a look at Maria Sharapova's crotch. Read »

Top Secret Amsterdam Story | 6-29-06 (featuring Tushar, Court)
Court reveals the shocking, top secret story from his trip to Amsterdam. Plus paraplegic talk. Read »

Chat Room: Sexual Tension and Insults | 6-1-06 (featuring Ali, Nick, Michael, Court)
Sexual tension, crude insults, and flirtatious one-liners rule this co-ed PIC chat room. Read »

The Bible, Virgin Mary and Angry God | 3-22-06 (featuring Dan, Court)
Re-writing the Bible, impregnating the Virgin Mary, and angering God. Read »

Eric Bauman, Porn King | 3-17-06 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Ali Wisch the turn-on, Eric Bauman the porn king, and Nathan DeGraaf the mobster. Read »

Female Anatomy Questions | 3-14-06 (featuring Michael, Court)
Dueling wits, lingering questions, and a lesson in female anatomy. Read »

Racial and Sexual Humor | 2-12-06 (featuring Michael, Court)
Racial humor, ambiguous flirtation, Brokeback Mountain, and ritualized homosexuality. Read »

AIM Pimpin' and the Consensual Age | 2-11-06 (featuring Nick, Court)
AIM pimpin', the great age debate, and topical humor as repeated by parrots. Read »

Wolf Creek Horror and Soap Opera | 12-27-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Talk of the horror flick Wolf Creek hatches into a fable-turned-soap-opera about two eggs. Read »

Online Relationship Differences| 12-2-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Literary differences plague an online relationship by way of puns. Read »

Word Pyramids, Haiku and Kyperlink Hell | 9-22-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Word pyramids, AIM haiku, hyperlink hell, and big fat pictures. Read »

Hurricane Katrina and Kanye West | 9-7-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Intense Hurricane Katrina comic relief, including Kanye's comments and new disaster ideas! Read »

Google Gets Played | 9-2-05 (featuring Tushar, Court)
Retro Voyeur IM #3 - Google Inc. gets played in a follow-up convo to the first ever Voyeur IM. Read »

Stand-Up Comedy Puns | 7-13-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Stand-up comedy dreams manifest themselves in pun after pun after pun. Read »

Mocking Censorship | 7-11-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Where there's censorship afoot, there's mocking aplenty. (Previously too hot for PIC!) Read »

Spam and Natural Male Enhancement | 6-30-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Email spam, natural male enhancement, misogyny, and intentional disobedience. Read »

Online Weddings and Vin Diesel Facts | 5-19-05 (featuring Amir, Court)
Online weddings, MySpace ginormity, and random Vin Diesel facts. Read »

Movies and Friendship Meaning | 5-17-05 (featuring Sadie, Court)
Trying to find the meaning in movies and friendship can be equally challenging. Read »

Family Matters and Greek Mythology | 5-11-05 (featuring Mikey, Court)
Family Matters, PIC inside jokes, and Greek mythology pervade this pun-laden convo. Read »

Morphine, Heroin and DST | 4-11-05 (featuring Amir, Court)
Irresponsible emailing, morphine and heroin, and the reason for Daylight Savings Time. Read »

Creation of Voyeur IM | 4-7-05 (featuring Amir, Court)
Retro Voyeur IM #2 - A behind the scenes look at the creation of Voyeur IM itself! Read »

Guilty Pleasures and Lesbian Indulgence | 3-30-05 (featuring Sadie, Court)
Guilty pleasures, lesbian indulgence, anal douches, and familiar conversation. Read »

Comedy, Tragedy and Online Stalking | 3-29-05 (featuring Sadie, Court)
Comedy vs. tragedy, online stalking, and Easter chocolate sins. Read »

Sperm Counts and Spam Volume | 3-10-05 (featuring Nicole, Court)
What do sperm counts and spam have in common? They both come in volumes! Read »

Emory Online Tricks | 3-3-05 (featuring Angela, Court)
Retro Voyeur IM #1 - The first in a series of random old school IM's released for the first time! Read »

Chat Room: Sex with Fairy Tale Characters | 2-19-05 (featuring Mikey, Tushar, Amir, Court)
A little roundtable staff chat leads to some disturbing subjects (e.g. sex with fairy tale characters). Read »

Facebook and Screen Name Stereotypes | 2-18-05 (featuring Sadie, Court)
Thefacebook quests, Netflix addiction, screenname stereotyping, and redneck jokes. Read »

Istanbul Turkey Puns | 1-11-05 (featuring Sankeerth, Court)
A potential trip to Turkey spawns an array of lame travel/food jokes. Read »

Sexy Halloween Costumes | 10-27-04 (featuring Sadie, Court)
Risqué Halloween costumes, Voyeur IM scandal, and a trip down the yellow brick road. Read »

Blind Professors and Oversized Monitors | 10-15-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
Blind professors, oversized monitors, and purchasing cocaine from Wal-Mart. Read »

Ex-Girlfriend Body Doubles in Movies | 10-12-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
Ex-girlfriends, body doubles, movies vs. musicals, the scent of CD's, and roulette suicide. Read »

Animal Planet with a Twist | 9-3-04 (featuring Nicole, Court)
It's like Animal Planet with a twist. Don't let the sheep confuse you. Read »

Popular Psychology Class | 8-30-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
600 people show up for school's most popular psych class. It's rock, paper, scissors time. Read »

Am I Heterosexual? | 7-29-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
Affirming heterosexuality, joke-battling over the latest News: JK!, and soliciting for new emails. Read »

Fahrenheit 9/11 Movie Trailer | 7-21-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
The movie trailer of the summer (outdoing Fahrenheit 9/11's by a nose), plus flat tire trouble. Read »

Yahoo IM Live Contest Excitement | 5-28-04 (featuring Nicole, Court)
Excitement over the Yahoo IM Live contest fizzles into vandalism and rhetoricism. Read »

Thinking While Sitting on the Toilet | 5-15-04 (featuring Corry, Tushar)
If you ever find yourself "sitting down to think about it," you might just be on the toilet. Read »

U.S. Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes | 4-28-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
U.S. state-swapping, wholesome racial and ethnic stereotypes, and gambling discussion. Read »

Rape Prevention Questions for Police | 4-23-04 (featuring Tushar, Court)
Spam email leads to rape prevention questions, and police humor. Eventually we discover that rookie police officers usually become porno actors. Read »

Animals' and Humans' Rights | 3-30-04 (featuring Nicole, Court)
The themes of the day are animals and men's rights. Does anything make sense these days? Read »

Playing Politics Isn't Politically Correct | 3-15-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
We played politics for a minute. But don't think there's anything politically correct about it. Read »

Dreams of Janitorial Bliss | 2-25-04 (featuring Amir, Court)
Ordering new memory for a laptop leads to dreams of janitorial bliss. Now where did I put that urinal toss block... (pictures included!) Read...

Chat Room: Gambling, Prostitution and Donald Trump | 1-12-04 (featuring Amir, Nicole, Court)
Three columnists get together for a comedy melee involving everything from gambling to prostitution to dead grandmothers to Donald Trump's cereal. Read »

Chat Room: AIM Away Message Rap Battles | 1-9-04 (featuring Amir, Josh, Tushar, Court)
Prepare to enter the raw, underground world of AIM away message rap battling. Read »

Maximized Computer Puns for Netwits | 12-3-03 (featuring Amir, Court)
Prepare to maximize your computer puns, netwits. Read »

Online Marriage Consecration from Hell | 11-26-03 (featuring Nicole, Court)
PIC columnists match wits in a "marriage" IM consecrated in hell. Read »

Emory Network Late-Night Chat | 10-29-03 (featuring Andrea, Court)
One last hoorah at late-night, random instant messaging on Emory's school network before Court gets kicked off for good. Read »

Working a Bank Job for Money | 10-28-03 (featuring Francisco, Court)
Should young, broke adults be working at banks? Read »

IM Ideas to Use | 10-22-03 (featuring Tushar, Court)
Good IM idea. Can I use it on you right now? Cool. Read »

Smart Programmers Get Clever | 10-16-03 (featuring Neverclear, Court)
PIC's programmer gets "clever." Read »

Dell Computer Twin Hard Drives | 10-8-03 (featuring Sankeerth, Court)
Computer twins struggle to differentiate themselves. Read »

Interviewing at Google for a Job | 9-25-03 (featuring Amir, Court)
Court suits up for interviews at Google. Farce-style. Read »