1. Absolutely fantastic, although there were some pacing issues in the beginning.

2. I never wanted it to end.

3. It definitely lived up to the hype.

4. No words…I loved it.

5. Way too many holes for me to figure out what was really going on.

6. Exceeded my expectations, which were very high! And the epic climatic event!

7. I laughed, cried and experienced everything in-between.

8. It was good, not great.

9. Awesome storytelling!

10. My legs went numb after being in there for that long, but it was worth every second.

11. What should have been an epic conclusion ended up a 3-hour anti-climatic drag.


13. It ended a little earlier than I would’ve liked.

14. I had a great time, but it would be hard to sit through it more than once.

15. I can’t believe I came twice.

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