You were at the lunch table next to mine today. Your mom forgot to peel your grapes, mine forgot to take the slimy skin off my chickpeas. Our mutual disgust hung in the air like a kitten trying to fly a kite. Want to go to the animal shelter and look at kittens sometime? I’m not allowed to have another one just yet. Or another kite.

I saw you last weekend at the park. You were picking dandelions, I was picking my nose. I have hand sanitizer and can hop on one foot almost three times in a row before falling over; want to have a playdate?

You climbed to the top of the rope in gym class like a kid who gets to have the top bunk. I wish I still had a bunk bed, but after the bungee incident with my sister it's a no-go. Can I come over for a slumber party sometime?

I stood behind you in line for recess and your pigtails kept hitting me in the face. I’m pretty sure you’re the only one in our class who doesn’t have lice; do you want to trade hats? Mine has Baby Yoda on it—he's like Curious George, but for grownups.

You clapped for me in music when I put all the recorders in my mouth at once. They tasted like the way a basketball smells, but sounded almost as good as that time I borrowed Mr. Reynolds’ megaphone and sneezed into it. Do you want to start a band together? My guitar is missing two strings but I think it sounds better that way.

I sat across from you at Library Time. When the substitute said her name was Mrs. Clinkenbeard you laughed even louder than I did, which she didn't seem to like. Maybe we could make it up to her by shelving books after school? I don't know all my letters yet, but I don't think that will be a problem; we can sort them by color; Mrs. Clinkenbeard will love it.

Today in art when I was gluing pencils into all the pencil sharpeners I accidentally spilled glue all over my supplies. Thank you for letting me borrow your scissors! P.S. We look awesome with our new bangs!