Haha I’m listening to chtiss at ad music on o as Dora.
Translation: “Haha I’m listening to Christmas music on Pandora.”

Where is my Harry connive J.R. Alvin?
Translation: “Where is my Harry Connick Jr. album?”

I ree need to know if youtube dining hin fit Chirstmas,
Translation: “I really need to know if you’re coming home for Christmas.”

Baking cookies with my facirjfd epf! (your dad lol)
Translation: “Baking cookies with my favorite elf! (Your dad lol.)”

[voice memo] Snooooooowballlll marteeeeeniiiiiiis! Woooooooooo!
Translation: “I’ve been a little stressed so your dad thought it would be a good idea to make me a wintery-themed cocktail and now I am absolutely inebriated after one and a quarter glasses.”

Did you take my Harry Finnish J.R. album Harry fir the hilidats??????????!!!!!!!
Translation: “Did you take my Harry Connick Jr. album, Harry for the Holidays?!”

Why did you ship so manr presenters here I don’t hav ruin in the house fir your stuff!
Translation: “Why did you ship so many presents here? I don’t have room in the house for your stuff!”

I saw the most beadtifhk sweater in QVC if you tell me your Duce I’ll get it for you you could wear it in Xmas Eve it’s look so orett with your hair pykkled back
Translation: “I saw the most beautiful sweater on QVC. If you tell me your size I’ll get it for you. You could wear it on Christmas Eve. It’d look so pretty with your hair pulled back.”

“I’m so stressed hour dad doesn’t get that if didn’t matter how many prior are here or nit the house still has to be clean for Christ mass.”
Translation: “I’m so stressed. Your dad doesn’t get that it doesn’t matter how many people are here or not, this is my chance to get the the house extra clean, beyond its everyday borderline impeccable state.”

I wish you were hefe 🙁 I miss toy!
Translation: “I wish you were here. 🙁 I miss you!”

🎅 🎁 🎄 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Translation: “Merry Christmas! I love you.”

Harry 😉
Translation: “I am extremely horny for Harry Connick Jr.”