The one where Monica, Chandler and their kids, Erica and Jack, move back into the apartment and realize that Ugly Naked Guy is actually The Donald

The one where Joey finally shares his food, but only because he doesn’t have a fork and Amy Klobuchar has an extra comb

The one where Rachel dates Cory Booker while he’s on a break from Rosario Dawson

The one where they bring back the one African-American woman, one African-American man and one Asian woman who ever made an appearance during the first ten seasons of Friends, as well as Chandler’s dad, for a diversity reunion and celebration, guest-starring Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Wayne Messam, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro and Pete Buttgieg

The one where Ross takes Donald Trump tanning and Donald Trump gives Ross marital advice

The one where Rachel’s hairdresser gives makeovers to the female candidates to make them more likable

The one where Phoebe divorces Mike after falling in love with Chrissie Hynde, and Tulsi Gabbard officiates at their wedding

The one where Monica teaches Elizabeth Warren the seven erogenous zones and Elizabeth Warren teaches her about the eighth—the most important one—the brain

The one where Monica pushes Beto off the counter at her café

The one where Ross takes Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, William Weld, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee, Marianne Williamson and John Hickenlooper to the Dinosaur Museum

The one where Chandler explains to Mayor Pete what he does for a living and Mayor Pete breaks it down for everyone

The one where the whole show is Joey and Joe Biden saying, “How you doin’?” to each other

The one where Monica breaks Bernie’s finger when he wags it in her face while lecturing her about the plight of farmers

The one where Kamala Harris announces a Kamala Harris/Rachel Green ticket solely out of exhaustion from people asking her if she’d consider being a white dude’s VP

The one where Phoebe and her nieces Chandler and Leslie and her nephew Frank Jr. Jr., for whom she was the surrogate, lock themselves to the front door of Planned Parenthood in protest of the eroding reproductive rights of women, and Donald Trump locks the teens in cages and then demands Phoebe’s birth certificate, which she can’t produce, so he deports her to France since Buffey sounds kinda French

The one where Kirsten Gillibrand is brought in to assess which past episodes are sexist or contain sexual assault, and all syndicated Friends shows are canceled