Picasso Hut

Basquiat Wild Wings

T.G.I. Frida’s

Pizzeria Ono

Minor White Castle

Bauhaus of Pancakes

Au Bon Gauguin

Haring and Out Burger

Chuck Close Cheese’s

Damien Hirst Shrimp Co.

Andy Warhol’s Cheesecake Factory

Chagall-ive Garden

Long Jasper Johns Silvers

Braque’s Big Boy


Jackson Pollock in a Box

Dali Queen

Monet’s Southwest Grill

Van Gogh-den Corral

O’Keefe Fried Chicken

Vermeer-rie Callander’s


Seurat Shack

Hard Rothko Café

Little Cezanne’s

Krispy Klee

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