3 red foam balls

3 lengths of rope, various sizes

1 long length of rope

1 receipt for an actual saw

2 interlocked metal rings

2 unstuck metal rings

1 perfectly symmetrical quarter from 1987

1 quarter with a piece bitten off

1 book, “How to Not Accidentally Saw Someone in Half During a Magic Act,” seemingly unread

1 ordinary can of potato chips, unopened

1 ordinary can of potato chips, opened + 1 very frightening snake made of paper (no potato chips)

1 regular deck of 52 playing cards

1 permanent marker

1 two of diamonds card with my birthday written on it

1 ace of spades card

1 business card that looks like the ace of spades: “Abe Cadabra. Available for birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, old people homes. [email protected]

1 red scarf, 6″ long

1 red/purple/blue/yellow/green/white/orange/red/blue scarf, nearly 30’ long, covered in blood, possibly used as a tourniquet

1 sympathy card that also looks like an ace of spades with the words “Sorry about your grandma”

1 plastic thumb tip with handcuff key

1 poof of smoke… and he’s gone.