1. You like to travel and explore places far, far away.
  2. You prefer drinking in bars with a unique atmosphere and diverse characters.
  3. You value your freedom and independence, and you never apologize for who you are.
  4. You don’t go anywhere without your loyal furry companion, whom only you can understand.
  5. You occasionally pursue love interests out of your league and crush on attractive royalty.
  6. You entertain your friends (and intimidate your enemies) with your witty one-liners.
  7. You are not a big fan of Androids.
  8. You’ve been described as a “cynical loner” but really you’re just selective with your friends.
  9. You look surprisingly good in a deep V-neck and a pocketed vest.
  10. Your friends know they can count on you, whether it’s to come to their rescue or to feed their iguana while they are away.
  11. You’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit in total hibernation.
  12. Sometimes you dress up as a Stormtrooper.
  13. You’re a veteran of the Galactic Civil War and captain of the Millennium Falcon.
  14. You’re a veteran of the Y2K and you survived the turn of the Millennium (when the whole world panicked but nothing happened, even though you secretly hoped that all the computers would crash, forever erasing the embarrassing Star Wars fan fiction a guy from college wrote about you that somehow still looms in the deep folds of the internet).

1-13: Congratulations! You are the one and only Han Solo, a reluctant member of the Rebel Alliance.
1-12, 14: Congratulations! You are a Solo Woman in her 40s, a reluctant member of the Rebel Alliance.