Old Testament Drinking Game

During Father’s three-hour Bible study, participants must take a drink of Grandmother’s homemade cinnamon tea whenever Father uses the words “plague,” “shalt,” or “pestilence.” “But you must only take a drink if you are really thirsty,” warns Father sternly, “as we are not wont to drink for pleasure alone.”

Truth or Dairy

Amish teens form a circle and, when called upon, can choose either Truth (to answer a question truthfully, i.e. “Was it you who accidentally spilled cornmeal onto Mother’s favorite shawl?”) or Dairy (the player must either run to the barn in order to milk one of Father’s cows, or fervently spend a predetermined amount of time laboring at the butter churn). The Amish enjoy telling the truth and producing fine dairy products in equal measure, so a good time is certain to be had by all.

Seven Degrees of Nathanial Elderweise

Every self-respecting person of Amish descent knows of Nathanial Elderweise, owner and proprietor of Nathanial’s Quality Feed & Seed. But can you figure out if and how you, and your brethren, might have a possible connection to him? Let’s see…. Nathanial sold a bag of feed and a candle-making kit to Grandfather, whose friend Albert helped out at Mr. Anderguiste’s barn-raising, and so on. Hours of fun for all!

Spin the Churn

A group of Amish teens sits in a circle, spinning a large, overturned butter churn. There is no kissing or groping involved (“What are we, animals?” protested one Amish teen); instead, the teen who is covered with the most butter tossed from the spinning churn is the winner, and the other teens surrounding him/her lick the butter from the winner's face and clothing.