1. I don’t know if I really want to keep sinking money into it at this point. They say once that part goes, everything starts to go.

2. I know it’s not very masculine, but it’s really more for my family than anything. I would have gone with a bigger one if not for my wife.

3. It’s been acting kind of funny lately and then the other day it just shit out on the side of the road.

4. Hip dysplasia? Doesn’t that only happen to the big ones? Enough about my grandmother though, what’s the situation with my 2005 Accord?

5. Yeah, she has trouble getting around these days but I keep it for sentimental reasons.

6. I thought it was in good shape and then the other day it started leaving fluids all over the place.

7. I’m not sure what’s wrong. It just makes a strange, general sort of growling noise when it runs too hard.

8. It ran up on my buddy’s leg the other day, now he’s talking about litigation.

9. I thought about getting a pre-owned, but they say those always have some deep-seated issues.

10. I think this type comes from Germany. It should be pretty reliable.

11. I don’t know if it was a good idea to cut them off. It seems like things have actually gotten more aggressive.

12. I thought about getting a second one to make the transition easier if something happens to her, but we just don’t have the room right now.

13. I took her out one last time, it got very sentimental. I’m thinking about starting a memorial Instagram for her.

1-13: My POS Honda Accord; my dog is perfect