bipartisan, adjective

² a French baked good for bisexuals

Example: On Sundays, Kathleen often eats a bipartisan and thinks about her past lovers, both male and female.

joint resolution, noun

² a goal or effort made by someone to take greater care of the sensitive areas where their bones meet

Example: After being diagnosed with arthritis, Diane made a joint resolution not to attempt any more roundhouse kicks.

ballot, noun

² a lesser known form of ballet that is louder, more excessive, and more outlandish

Example: Not knowing theater was performing a ballot, the Cliftons were surprised at the cartwheel solo and repeated chest-thumping, and were downright disgusted at the t-shirt cannon.

gerrymandering, verb

² when people named Gerry walk slowly and without clear direction

Example: We groaned when we realized Uncle Gerry was coming to the mall with us; his gerrymandering means we always lose him in the food court.

caucus, noun

² a group of Caucasians, often traveling together

Example: Look over there, a caucus spotted in the wild making their pilgrimage from The Gap to brunch.

lame duck, noun

² derogatory term for a waterfowl

Example: The swan lost lake privileges after she referred to Marcus as a “lame duck.”

bully pulpit, verb

² when a mean-spirited individual juices a fruit and leaves in the soft fragments

Example: When life gives you oranges, hand them to Trevor so he can bully pulpit orange juice and offer it to his victims.

incumbent, noun

² a misshapen cucumber

Example: Well kids, the salad looks a little strange because the grocery store only had incumbents left.

Germane, proper noun

² female version of Germany

Example: Often overlooked by historians and geographers alike, Germane was frequently in the shadow of Germany, despite being responsible for most of the work.

ratified, verb

² when rats put their own creative spin on a person, place or thing

Example: Sure the old house had charm, but it didn't really pop until it was infested and ratified.

protest, adjective

² the state of being in favor of taking an exam

Example: Study hall was bittersweet for Sally; she loved it because she was studious, but she was teased mercilessly because the other students knew she was protest.

mandate, noun

² an appointment in which two men meet and discuss topics relating to them and other men

Example: Chris and Tyler had their mandate on Thursday, January 6th, so they could finally talk, man to man, about Y chromosomes, beards, and prostate health.