1. It’s pretty warm.
  2. You can’t move your arms as much as you’d like.
  3. Every time the front door opens, it feels like you’re exiting the Matrix.
  4. You can tell people are talking, but everything just sounds like bacon cooking.
  5. You can’t shake the feeling that something’s holding you back from really enjoying your time here—maybe it’s because the face staring back at you from your silverware doesn’t seem like your own, maybe it’s the love handles that won’t let go of your waist, maybe it’s that green demon in the corner booth, or maybe it’s how hot this restaurant is.
  6. Everything is sweaty.
  7. One, you're like a dream come true, two, just wanna be with you, three, girl, it's plain to see, that you're the only one for me.
  8. Dale asked you to stop dipping your hand in her water.
  9. There’s an itch on a part of your body that you can’t reach.
  10. You think someone’s standing right behind you, but when you spin around to confront them, all you can see is a strangely familiar hood swiveling just out of view.
  11. Veal Parm? Why does that name sound so familiar? Did he also go to Wesleyan? Why did Dale just ask the waiter about him?
  12. You’re starting to get annoyed that no one else is wearing a jacket.

1, 3-6, 8-11: Could be either
2, 10, 12: You forgot to take off your jacket
7: That’s “Back At One” by Brian McKnight