• They both like caviar and making people cry
  • They really don’t care to hear your opinions
  • They are confident their family is better than yours
  • Neither of them shop at Walmart
  • Empathy is not in their vocabulary
  • Neither would do well working an hourly job
  • They both went to boarding school
  • They probably wouldn’t like the outfit you have on today—or ever
  • They wish people would just calm down about the socioeconomic divide
  • They struggle to find the words to express their emotions
  • They voted for Trump, but would rather not talk about it
  • They both have a separate guest house, and if they’re ever obligated to let you stay with them—that’s where they’re putting you
  • They both use “summer” as a verb and “misunderstood” as an adjective to describe themselves
  • If they passed you in the street, they probably wouldn’t say hi
  • And last but certainly not least, they both have much better things to do with their time than get to know you