Football Jokes

Top 10 funny things about football:

  1. Some fans get more intense about their fantasy football team than their college's team: My Fantasy Football Team
  2. There's a such thing as Arena Football: Hey, Want To Not Watch Arena Football Tonight?
  3. You can find a really hot person to spend the night with while watching it at a bar: The Ideal Sports Bar
  4. It's extremely hard to go to a college football game….sober: 11 Things You Must Do Before You Finish College
  5. The video game version can be extremely irritating, especially if you're getting the shit kicked out of you and John Madden won't shut up about it: Just Kick It: The Life of a Punter
  6. You and your group of friends will at some point during college get an itch to play touch football between classes: I Never Realized I Wanted to Kill Myself Before
  7. Moms hate it, just ask Bobby Boucher's momma: Chucky and I Have Something in Common
  8. If you're ever out of beer, you can always go to a tailgate party at a football game: Wisconsin Life
  9. Picking football games is a dangerous activity because you never really know who's going to win, just ask the New England Patriots: Picking Them Games With Apologies
  10. It created Starter Jackets, which would be in style if it didn't make you look like you came from a homeless shelter: I Love the 90's
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