Dreams Jokes

Top 10 funny things about dreams:

  1. Everyone has a dream person they desperately want to have sex with: I Need Answers!
  2. We always remember the weird ones and forget the awesome ones: Summer Internship: Behind the Scenes
  3. You have to admit, our brains sometimes come up with some fucked up shit: My Organs and I Go to the Hospital
  4. No one has a quiet dream because they're always intense: Sleep Paralysis Analysis
  5. You know they're awesome when you can hear music playing somewhere in the background: The Ultimate Soundtrack of Our College Lives
  6. The people you fear most in your life are probably going to haunt you in your dreams: Dear Black People: Stop Haunting My Dreams
  7. Sometimes we wish the things we saw (like someone's unwanted nakedness) were actually just part of a dream: So You Saw Your Roommate's Penis
  8. Every guy's ultimate sex dream consists of lesbians: Types of College Students
  9. Everyone's dreams stop coming true once they graduate from college: Congratulations on College Graduation…You Idiots
  10. People often dream of doing exciting things, like becoming the world's first nude break dancing chef: Cooking Up a Storm
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