Couches Jokes

Top 10 funny things about couches:

  1. Since they don't have any feelings, they're easy to flip out on when you're angry: The Madden-ing Crowd
  2. No matter how many times you clean your place, they will always attract someone else's puke: College Relationships, Multiple Choice, and Senior Status
  3. Like a bottomless pit, they swallow everything, including lit cigarettes: The Dreaded Fire Alarm
  4. They're comforting when you're watching a Grey's Anatomy sex scene with your mom: Post-College Life and Workisms
  5. They're a great place to venture to when you're hammered on Christmas Day with your family: How You Spent Christmas Day
  6. Lighting them on fire is an awesome way to celebrate a special event: Code Name: Turkey Baster Chipmunk
  7. At some point in college, you'll always find a random homeless-looking person sleeping on the one you own: You Know You're in College When…
  8. Since they're sometimes impossible to move, desperate measures are taken to destroy them: The Off-Campus College House: Episode 3
  9. Despite the fact that it's your best buddy, your parents think its the greatest place to sit when they have something important to tell you: No Recess, Chapter 11
  10. They're practically a piggy bank, just bigger, softer and nice to sleep on: You Know You're in College When…
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