Beaches Jokes

  1. You can make the coolest sandcastles, or in some cases, “sandchairs”: Holing Up in Panama City Beach
  2. Our parents may like them, but there are few things cooler than the Beach Boys: Hurricane Katrina and Kanye West
  3. Even though the ocean is right there and you can lose things forever, it's a great place to play sports: The Electoral College Keg Party
  4. They're the greatest places to go when you feel like skipping class: Choose Your Own Adventure: College
  5. They go well with road trips, Spring Break, tequila and body shots: Spring Break, Your Refrigerator, and Procrastinology
  6. In their lifetime, everyone wants to have sex there: The Bed, Beach and Beyond
  7. They made volleyball become extremely cooler and a lot more fun to play: The Olympics
  8. Aside from streets, they're probably the easiest things in the world to name: My Suggestion for the Haggard Family Trip
  9. For some reason, it's cooler to be nude there in the sunlight than in a pitch black nightclub: How to Spot a Shitty College
  10. Long walks on them after your date with someone can definitely help you get laid if you play your cards right: For Lack of a Better Term