AIM Convos(R, 220 lines)

In Part 1, Tara learns that Katy keeps “Matty” repressed deep inside her. Eventually, Tara comes to accept this inner manliness personality and the two move on.

In Part 2, Nikki (a 2nd friend in the group) discovers Katy's other personality MaryKate the slut, who has hooked up with all of Nikki's friends. MaryKate also brings up “Matty,” confessing that he has a crush on Nikki. Eventually Nikki accepts him and moves on as well.

In Part 3 here, Katie (a 3rd friend in the group) learns about “Matty” from Katy. Turns out Matty is dating a real man named Matt, who is unaware he is dating a gay persona because it is trapped in a woman's body. Eventually, Jenny, a fourth personality, emerges from chaos.

kTbgUrL35: omg!!! Katy!!!!! that stalker gy wus at thu mall again todaY! omg he was following me and haley around!! it wus sOo CreaPy!
kTbgUrL35: and i had my cell in my hand
kTbgUrL35: and i told him i didnt have a #!! or a phone!
courtjester5000: Oh, well duh.
kTbgUrL35: haha!
kTbgUrL35: why is ur font lyk that?
kTbgUrL35: whats with ur icon?
kTbgUrL35: its creapy!
courtjester5000: You can't expect a guy to see a cell phone in your hand and not stalk you.
courtjester5000: I mean come on, you were obviously asking for it.
kTbgUrL35: no
kTbgUrL35: i mean
kTbgUrL35: he came and talked to us
kTbgUrL35: i mean
kTbgUrL35: hes like 40!
kTbgUrL35: GROSS
kTbgUrL35: i swear i saw him walking down my street!
courtjester5000: I mean, I mean….stutter stutter….I bet you were wearing that slinky black skirt again weren't you?
kTbgUrL35: omg!
courtjester5000: I knew it.
kTbgUrL35: no
kTbgUrL35: i was wearing that pink shirt josh got for me
kTbgUrL35: the long sleeved one….
kTbgUrL35: its not low cut at all!
courtjester5000: Were you showing thigh?
kTbgUrL35: i was wearing khaki's!
courtjester5000: God you're such a prude.
kTbgUrL35: ?
kTbgUrL35: why are you acting all weird
kTbgUrL35: ?
courtjester5000: Just kidding, I hear Jesus clapping.
kTbgUrL35: and wtf is up with your icon?
kTbgUrL35: omg!
kTbgUrL35: u always bring jesus and god into EVERYTHING!
kTbgUrL35: we will be walking and im lyk “soo” and ur lyk “GOD”
courtjester5000: I'm religious, deal with it.
so how are you and matt?
courtjester5000: Oh hey, did I tell you what I found the other day??!!
kTbgUrL35: omg wut?
courtjester5000: God.
kTbgUrL35: OMG!
courtjester5000: That's right.
courtjester5000: But he's mine, I found him.
kTbgUrL35: omg!
kTbgUrL35: no lyk code name god?
courtjester5000: No, MY God.
kTbgUrL35: ok
courtjester5000: Remember our secret code?
kTbgUrL35: ok
kTbgUrL35: yeah
kTbgUrL35: haha
kTbgUrL35: and
kTbgUrL35: #1#2
kTbgUrL35: and all the code names
kTbgUrL35: haha
courtjester5000: Yeah, I did both of those today.
kTbgUrL35: omg!
courtjester5000: One sitting down, one standing up.
kTbgUrL35: who was #7?
courtjester5000: Shit? I dunno.
kTbgUrL35: Katy! is Jenny there?
courtjester5000: She's busy pleasuring me.
kTbgUrL35: fucking a Katy!
courtjester5000: Exactly.
kTbgUrL35: what the hell
kTbgUrL35: who is this?
courtjester5000: Katy, duh.
kTbgUrL35: oh
kTbgUrL35: sorry
kTbgUrL35: *blond moment*
courtjester5000: *Ironic moment*
kTbgUrL35: uh… yeah
kTbgUrL35: so what time should i head over there?
courtjester5000: Oh, say…now?
kTbgUrL35: no i kant!~
kTbgUrL35: i told u!
kTbgUrL35: omg
kTbgUrL35: when are josh and matt and raul showing up?
courtjester5000: I'm going to have to ask you to say “OYG” from now on.
kTbgUrL35: omfg!
courtjester5000: Finders keepers, losers weepers.
kTbgUrL35: dont be gaY!
kTbgUrL35: what time are they coming over?
courtjester5000: Don't be a hater.
kTbgUrL35: fuck u!
kTbgUrL35: what time are they coming?
courtjester5000: After Jenny is done with me.
courtjester5000: The buffet closes at 3AM.
kTbgUrL35: dont give me this shit!
kTbgUrL35: Katy!
courtjester5000: Would you prefer crap?
kTbgUrL35: wut the hell!
courtjester5000: I have both.
kTbgUrL35: you fucking crack head!
courtjester5000: You've split me wide open gurl.
kTbgUrL35: why dont you guys just come over here?
kTbgUrL35: like now!
courtjester5000: Okay, may I make a few requests first?
kTbgUrL35: what do u mean…..?
courtjester5000: #1. Please refer to all Gods as belonging to me.
kTbgUrL35: haha ok
kTbgUrL35: next…..
courtjester5000: #2. Please have three Saltine crackers, a glass of apple juice, and an after dinner mint readily available whenever I call for them.
kTbgUrL35: what else do i have to do?
kTbgUrL35: STRIP?!
kTbgUrL35: haha ok
courtjester5000: #3. Strip.
courtjester5000: Oh, you read my mind.
kTbgUrL35: yeah i know you to well
kTbgUrL35: ur such a dumbass sum times
courtjester5000: Listen kT, I know we've been friends for a long time…
courtjester5000: And there's something I have to tell you.
kTbgUrL35: spell my name rite bitch!
kTbgUrL35: haha jp!
kTbgUrL35: dont hert me!
courtjester5000: Are you listening, or just ignoring me like usual?
kTbgUrL35: what do u have to tell me
courtjester5000: Because this is pretty important.
kTbgUrL35: ok!
courtjester5000: Okay.
kTbgUrL35: spit it out!
courtjester5000: Well, that's the thing…
courtjester5000: Yesterday, I swallowed.
kTbgUrL35: HAHA
kTbgUrL35: ok
courtjester5000: There's more.
kTbgUrL35: why r u telling me this/
kTbgUrL35: i dont need to no about u and matt
kTbgUrL35: ok
courtjester5000: Matt and I are a gay couple.
kTbgUrL35: wtF?
courtjester5000: You see, I'm more like….
courtjester5000: Well…
courtjester5000: Matty.
kTbgUrL35: u mean maddie?
kTbgUrL35: omg dont go bak to that!
kTbgUrL35: goin by ur middle name isnt good fer u!
courtjester5000: I don't think you're understanding.
courtjester5000: I am a man.
kTbgUrL35: haha nice
kTbgUrL35: one
kTbgUrL35: ur so funni!
courtjester5000: Don't slam the door in my face, please.
courtjester5000: I've been shut inside for too long.
kTbgUrL35: wut?
courtjester5000: Matty must emerge and prevail.
kTbgUrL35: oyfg!
kTbgUrL35: uh
kTbgUrL35: FUNNI
kTbgUrL35: dont be a a dumbass
kTbgUrL35: they r coming in a half hour
kTbgUrL35: get over here
courtjester5000: I hope this won't change anything about our relationship.
courtjester5000: Matty won't bother you.
kTbgUrL35: OMG!
kTbgUrL35: get ur ass over here!
kTbgUrL35: they r gunna be here anyminute
courtjester5000: I'm glad you understand, we'll be there in a minute.
kTbgUrL35: i understand ur joking!
kTbgUrL35: hey!
kTbgUrL35: Jenny….
courtjester5000: Yes…
kTbgUrL35: is this Jenny?
courtjester5000: Hey.
courtjester5000: Yeah.
kTbgUrL35: oh hi
courtjester5000: Whatsup girl.
kTbgUrL35: whats up with Katy?
kTbgUrL35: fucking PMS!
kTbgUrL35: nuthin!
kTbgUrL35: dont kall me that
courtjester5000: If by PMS you mean, Permanent Man Syndrome, yes.
kTbgUrL35: haha
kTbgUrL35: OH YEAH
courtjester5000: So tell me something new.
kTbgUrL35: wanna talk to tara?
courtjester5000: Sure.
kTbgUrL35: haha k hold on
kTbgUrL35: hi
courtjester5000: Hi.
kTbgUrL35: hi
courtjester5000: Hi.
kTbgUrL35: hi
courtjester5000: Hi.
courtjester5000: Okay put Katie back on the line, you're boring.
kTbgUrL35: haha
kTbgUrL35: omg
kTbgUrL35: whats w/ ppl and spelling my name!
courtjester5000: Spell it for me, then, ho.
kTbgUrL35: hoe
kTbgUrL35: haha
kTbgUrL35: dumbshit
kTbgUrL35: KAtie
courtjester5000: KAtie.
courtjester5000: Brilliant.
kTbgUrL35: yeah
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: KAtie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
kTbgUrL35: Katie
courtjester5000: Someone's obviously been to detention before.
kTbgUrL35: yeah
kTbgUrL35: YOU!
kTbgUrL35: you go there every fucking day dumbasss!
kTbgUrL35: dumbass*
kTbgUrL35: i go there lyk once a week
courtjester5000: Jenny is a fuckup.
courtjester5000: That's me.
kTbgUrL35: ……mmMm hMm
kTbgUrL35: imma suppose to give tony head and shit at thu all city
kTbgUrL35: should i?
courtjester5000: Yeah.
courtjester5000: Why wouldn't you?
kTbgUrL35: it's tony
kTbgUrL35: but i think hes pretty hott
courtjester5000: And he has a Prince Albert.
kTbgUrL35: HAHA
courtjester5000: And a Prince Harry.
kTbgUrL35: just lyk Katy…😉
courtjester5000: Yep, we're all the same.
kTbgUrL35: haha not me
kTbgUrL35: and not u
courtjester5000: Oh, you'd be surprised.
kTbgUrL35: ok well not me!
kTbgUrL35: !!!!
kTbgUrL35: oh fuck get ur lil asses over here they r here!
kTbgUrL35: bey
kTbgUrL35: bye

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