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Erving's Wife Denies Releasing Sex Tape

ORLANDO, Fla. – A tape showing NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving having sex with a woman in a hotel room “didn't come out of our camp,” Andrea Black, lawyer for Erving's wife, Turquoise, said Wednesday.

Too bad they didn't catch Turquoise, RED handed! Because that would have been a lovely shade of lavender.

The tape was delivered to the New York Post while Erving divorces Turquoise, his wife of 31 years. It shows Erving having sex with a young woman in a hotel room while a radio plays, the newspaper said.

What is so interesting about sex tapes, I'd rather see the divorce tape between Turquoise and Dr. J. I bet it's H-O-T-T HOT!

The divorce case is going on in Florida.

Ohhhh, okay that explains it.

Erving's spokesman, Dan Klores, said Monday the tape was made 15 years ago, while Erving and his wife were separated.

Back then sex tapes were extremely rare because VHS tape recorders cost $43,000. Fortunately, prostitutes were much cheaper back then as well.

“The decision by his wife's advisers to release it during their divorce negotiations is disappointing, especially since Mrs. Erving has had it in her possession for all these years,” said Klores.

More like Dr. Blow J! Ahhaha, I'm sorry I just thought of that now. But you could see how one cannot pass up an opportunity to put that into ones article right? ONE!?!??!

“I can assure you it didn't come out of our camp,” Black said Wednesday.

You can say that again! Actually don't, twice is enough.

But she added that in a hotly disputed divorce, it isn't uncommon for friends and family surrounding the couple to get involved in various ways — and that might be why the tape was sent to the newspaper.

Various ways: condolences, prayers, sending in sex tapes to tabloids, baby sitting, ruining reputations and baking pies.

“Frankly, it doesn't help anyone,” said Black, noting that Florida has no-fault divorce laws. “To me, all it does is create a furor over something in which the emotions are going to be high again.”

Speaking of creating a Fuhrer, whatever happened to Hitler's parents? I mean, did they ever get divorced? Was there a scandal involved? Who knows really!

“I'm not stressed about it,” Erving said before the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association's 100th annual banquet, where he was an honored guest Monday night. “The media is always going to be a part of my life as long as I'm breathing and even after I'm gone.”

As long as I'm breathing…in another girl's vagina that is. Now, what is this I hear about a Philadelphia Sports Writers Associations 100th annual banquet!?!? *Bats eyelashes*