Hands down, the best part about choosing a good course is walking out of class with a sense of wonderment or accomplishment (or a hot chicks number). One of the above, i'm certain of this.

This week has ushered a return to normalcy here in NOLA. I'm writing this entry to fill all my stalkers in as to how i'm doing in a less time-consuming format (I know many of you have day jobs). Don't worry – the trend in updating about what's going on will usually entail more humor and/or random references off the top of my head… Forget it. I'll indulge you now:

Why Parker Lewis Lost

Alright, for those of you old enough to remember, Parker Lewis Can't Lose was a true pioneer in the awkward humor of adolescent…that had no laugh track and didn't star Fred Savage. For those of you who do not fully recall, the show would glamorize the phrase “synchronize your watches” and afford all the knowledge one needed to properly distinguish between hijinks, schemes, capers, and heists. Anyway, the show would later become simply “Parker Lewis” and all creativity would go the way of freshmen virginity. I just had to beat this decayed horse one last time. For some reason, the fact that Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich got a start on the show is just as useless of a fact as it appears. That's about as far as I'd allow myself to consider the matter. You may now return to your regularly scheduled laughter. I promise to ‘make with the funny' next time.