While taking a break from my Sunday Saints Prayer Spectacular (I practically chant “hold on to the damned football” in my sleep), a Verizon commercial prompted me to post some sort of year-end tribute. Seriously, I was touched by the script. Anyway, my tribute has already been done for me at this link.

While it may appear I’m not a fan of the holidays, one could not be further from the truth. I love this time of year, particularly the conclusion of it. What other time of the year can one witness the very best of the very worst of our species? I can't be the only one looking forward to the annual Darwin Awards.

Are you unfamiliar with this momentous occasion? The Darwin Awards are bestowed upon the recently departed whose death provides cautionary tales to us all. More specifically, these persons have achieved a level of carelessness and/or idiocy culminating in their demise. The best part about these awards is that you can earn one without even applying yourself. Who knows, you may already possess the makings of future Hall of Famer.

Check out the site for a glimpse at some of this year’s nominees, but be sure to check out one of my favorites “Stubbed Out.” Combine one part flammable skin cream with your choice of cigarette, and you get another indicator of why even doctors can’t save people from themselves. My condolences to the family, but for once it would have been helpful if dad actually got hosed on this one.