Mitt Romney's magic Mormon horse shall ride into the night,

All razor sharp with bayonets, a terrifying sight!

A flaming beast, with seven heads, so high they touch the clouds,

So strong and fierce and mystical, it makes our nation proud!

"More horses!" all the people shout, "is all we really need!"

"And give us back our bayonets, we want them, yes indeed!"

And so the giant magic horse did open up his mouth,

And spit out baby horses that would roam from north to south.

"Free horses!" said Mitt Romney, "Yes, free horses for you all!

"And if you need more bayonets, we'll sell them at the mall!"

But Romney had the biggest horse, of that there was no doubt;

"My horse will save America!" Mitt Romney loved to shout.

With laser eyes it blasts away the commie scourge of debt,

And tramples terror-hippie scum until its hooves are wet!

It eats unwanted babies and it spits out death and tax;

The magic horse, it loves you all, except for queers and blacks.