Jim Joyce 

(Undeletable video found here.)

Jim Joyce, like all umpires, is human. I get it, umpires will fuck up like everyone else. But this was the worst fucking call I've ever seen. For those that don't know the story I'll explain.

Detroit's starter Armando Gallarraga is not a very good pitcher. He's a fringe major leaguer. Gallarraga was one out away from a perfect game when the above play happened. He's never going to be this good ever again and could very well be out of baseball in 5 years. Additionally the Indians suck. They're not scoring 3 runs. So what does this jackass umpire do? On a play that Hellen Keller could've seen, he calls the runner safe, doing what umpires do from little league on up- make the game about themselves. But unlike an umpire who will call out a coach in front of 20,000 people or hold grudges against certain players, this cunt decided to make it about himself. Fuck that, this is why I only have a handful of friends who watch baseball, its bullshit like this that drives people away. It has also recently come to light that Jim Joyce was was responsible for more than just this atrocity. Here are some interesting Jim Joyce facts you may find interesting.

– Jim Joyce was behind the Holocaust

– Jim Joyce made doves cry

– Jim Joyce tripped Gary Coleman

– Jim Joyce gave Chris Farley his 1st line

– Jim Joyce introduced Janis Joplin to Southern Comfort

– Jim Joyce told Big Ben that girl wasn't that drunk

– Jim Joyce is convinced O.J. wasn't the killer

– Jim Joyce told Barry Sanders he was done

– Jim Joyce convinced Hulk Hogan to join the NWO

– Jim Joyce cut Owen Harts line

– Jim Joyce is hiding Osama

– Jim Joyce thinks 21 is too soon to start drinking

– Jim Joyce wrote Twilight

– Jim Joyce canceled Arrested Development

– Jim Joyce had sex with the AIDS monkey

– Jim Joyce shot Kurt Cobain

– Jim Joyce told Dave Chappelle his act was worn out 

– Jim Joyce wrote Michael Jacksons prescriptions

– Jim Joyce feels bad for all the money BPs losing

– Jim Joyce broke up N'SYNC

– Jim Joyce laughs when your dog dies

– Jim Joyce thinks college is too cheap

– Jim Joyce just hit on your mother, took a massive shit just before you went into take a piss, and ate the last cookie. Fuck him.