Pacman Jones in a strip club with strippersSamuel L. Jackson: On September Thirtieth Nineteen Eighty Three, Adam "Pac-Man" Jones was brought into the world. Jones suffered through a rough childhood, his father, killed when Jones was just four years old. Born into poverty, Jones vowed to make something of himself. He began playing youth football at the age of eight. It was on those dirt covered fields that Jones first learned how to light motherfuckers up on the field and make it rain off it. Pac-Man's childhood teammate LaTron Williams tells us the story of Pac-Man's first foray into making it rain.

LaTron Williams: Man we had just fucked this motherfuckers up like 37-0 or some shit right, so our fucking coach, uhh, Coach De-De, man he says I'mma take all you boys to the Dairy Queen joint yo. And man weez like fuck yeah motherfucker, cuz we never get ice cream and shit like ever unless we steal that shit. So we get to the motherfuckin' Dairy Queen, sit down, and Coach goes and orders us all ice cream. So finally the uhh, Ice Cream bitch brings it out to us. We was like aww shit motherfucker! Ye-uh! And I seen Pac…brah got this weird look in his eye, it was a look I ain't never seen in his eye before. So the bitch gets to Pac, and the boy reaches into his pocket and throws two quarters at her and says "earn your money baby." The bitch was like "aww you cute boy." So Pac's like, "You know what else is cute?" Bitch is like, "What?'" Pac's like, "My HELMET BITCH!" BOOM! SMACKED THAT HOE IN THE FACE WITH HIS GAH-DAMN HELMET! Best mother-fuckin' ACE CREAM! EVER!

Jackson: Smackin' a bitch in the face with a helmet would not be Jones' last act of violence. After accepting a scholarship offer in Two-Thousand and Two to play college football at West Virginia University, Jones would go on to become a star for the rising Double U Vee U pro-gram. Jones coach, Rich Rodriguez remembers his days coaching the man now known as "Pac-Man."

Rich Rodriguez: You know I've always said you can't teach speed and talent. Character is really secondary to me, after all it's not like I plan on hangin' round to coach a boy four years anyway. Fuck if Chris Henry woulda stayed one more year my ass been out the door to Notre Dame. 

Jackson: ESPN's Lou Holtz remembers hearing stories of Jones' time at WVU.

Lou Holtz: What-shh, I'ves always-shh thought is-shh this-shh, I want th-shh-ree th-shh-ings-shh from my shhhh-tudent ass-thetes. One, I want them to attend-shhh church-shh on Sunday-shh. Two-shh, I want them to be good shhh-ports-shh on the-shh field-shh. Anda Three-shh, I want-shh white-shh shhh-tudent ass-thetes.

Jackson: Jones' star would continue to rise in Two-Thousand and Five, when the Tenn-esss-ee Titans would select him number six overall in that year's draft. Draft expert Mel Kiper remembers his evaluation of Jones at the time.

Mel Kiper: Before the draft we thought OK, 5-9andahalf probably a little on the shortside, but asaplaymaker OK, reminded you of a little of Deion Sanders when he was coming out of Florida State. I had him as the 5th best player on my board at the time and even now I stick by that projection! 

Jackson: Jones would go on to start two seasons for the fran-chise, leading the league in punt return aver-age in 2006. How-EVAH, in that next off-season, on February Nineteenth, during the NBA's ALL-STAR WEEKEND, Jones would be involved in an incident that would change his l-ife forever in a Las Vegas strip club. Stripper Lolly-Popinmyass Johnson was working that night and tells her side of the story.

Lolly-Popinmyass: Sooo me and the other gurlls workin' dat night seen Pac-Man and Nelly come in about One A-emmm. And you know we was like, "Uh huh weez gunna get us a baby daddy tonight! Little Shaysheen gunna have a good seventh birf-day this year!" How was I spose ta kno he was violent, I was only ni-teen? So wee dancin and theyse was tippin good, then the DEE-J stirts play-enn "Make It Rain" and shurre enut, those boyz stirted makin it rain in that mutherfucker! Soo me an d uhhder gurls stirt pickin' up the money. And dat rude mudder fuckin tol meh to git may azz back on dat pole. I said ut-uh (starts to tear up) I'ms a STRONG BLACK WOMAN AND I DEE-ZERVE TO PICK THE MONEY UPOFF THIS SCRIPTCLUB FLOOR! 

Jackson: What happened next…will follow Jones for the rest of his life…. 

Lolly-Popinmyass: So azz I'm pickin up the money….Pac-Man pulls me up by my hurr…..and he sezz…..'DOUBLE POINTZ BITCH"…and he punch me right inz my muther-fucking face!

Jackson: Mzzz. Johnson is still unable to speak about the later events that night. According to eye-witnessezz a member of Jones entourage returned and shot bouncer Tommy Urbanski, paralyzing the poor motherfucker from waist down……

That's all for tonight….next time on The Pac-Man Jones Story, we examine Jones' suspension from the NFL, his pro wrestling career, his trade and release from the Dallas Cowboys, and his chances for redemption with the Cincinnati Bengals! Good night!