Is it true? Am I actually blogging again? To be honest, I'm not certain what will happen when I click "publish post." I halfway expect "Internet is full, please try again."

*edit: my PIC blogger account is so old… that yup that pretty much happened. That'll teach me not to live in 2007*

As I try to soak up this stream of consciousness, my first thoughts are whether I even remember how to write. (Behind-the-scenes commentary: it took me a full minute to spring up that metaphor.) But sometimes you just gotta get your feet wet by diving in head-first. Nothing like water to get rid of rust, right?

Where ya been, Mike? Oh, we'll get to that later, assuming all goes swimmingly. I'm already feeling the pressure of our "first date" here. "Oh, I love classical music!" being the best thing I can come up with while fighting not to blurt out all my flaws. For me it's like trying to hide tattoos wearing a muscle tee… with mustard on it? Poor date attire, I know. Am I still talking about writing? Even I'm not sure. Water metaphor to carry us out of this paragraph now please?

And in like the tide… so what happens now? A 24-year-old writer/actor/filmmaker/comic… ah, creative, there we go… emerging from a quarter-life crisis like nothing happened. Business cards aren't suppposed to have question marks on them, but I'm still debating on the exclamation point. Too desperate?

FLUSH gurgle gurgle