When people are considering making their first motorcycle purchase, the number one question is always “is it safe?”

The answer is no, not at all. But that's not a bad thing. In order to be a badass, you have to make sacrifices, even if that sacrifice is a horrible accident that leaves your family financially strained while your wife has to find another source of income and your kids start a GoFundMe to cover your funeral costs. Here are the reasons why getting a motorcycle is still worth it.

Your Family Will Cherish You More

Any day can be your last and your family knows that. Next time your kids think of talking back to you, they'll picture you not being here anymore. Your wife is going to think twice about raising her voice at you because your existence isn't guaranteed. Generally, everyone in your household will get along better. They'll greet you when you walk in the door with a smile, and they'll act like they don't want you to leave before you hop on your motorcycle to head to work. You will never have to lift a finger or go the extra mile for your family because they will be constantly kissing your ass.

Get Your Way By Guilting Your Family

If you get home from work and you want a nice cold beer, ask your kid to go grab you one from the mini-fridge. If they seem hesitant, start saying things like “I feel like I'm getting worse at riding my motorcycle. I had a couple scares on the road last week”. And I promise you that your kid will jump up in a heartbeat to grab you that ice-cold lager. If you want to watch Rambo: Last Blood for the 7th time this week and your wife is fed up, just say “We lost another one of my buddy's in a wreck the other day, I hope I'm not next!” and you'll be an hour into your favorite movie in no time.

Your Kids Will Be Much Cooler

You can't always control whether your kids will be cool. I mean, you don't know who they hang out with and which clique they will fall into. You don't want your kid getting shoved into lockers, you want your kid to be the one shoving other kids into lockers. Parents usually drive their kids around in lame-ass rides like mini-vans, outdated sedans, or overly expensive Chevy Tahoes. These cars are not interesting and neither are the families that ride in them. If you start giving your kids rides on the back of your motorcycle to school, violin practice, their friends' houses, etc. everyone will know their dad is cool, so they must be too!

Dying in a Motorcycle Accident is Your Legacy

If you ride a motorcycle you are not afraid of death… if anything you are scared of living a mundane life! You don't want to leave this Earth from something as dumb as a stroke or some sort of common cancer. You want your obituary to be jam-packed with action imagery such as “he was thrown from his sick motorcycle,” “he hit a pole going 100 mph,” and “the accident was so bad they had a mile stretch of the street blocked off by police for nearly 10 hours.” You only have one life, make sure you go out in the most gnarly way possible.

If you want to enhance all aspects of your life, then the answer is simple. Motorcycle.