Week 8 of the 2019 dating season is right around the corner, which means we’re well beyond pre-season swiping and fully rooted in relationship territory. The days are getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier, and singles are rushing to find their seasonal hibernation partner in time to determine if they should plan for matching Halloween costumes.

The entire week’s slate is stacked with great match-ups, and there are some real heavyweight encounters. If the first game of the week is any indication—when The Snug hosts Heather and Joe on Thursday night in the Fillmore—this week could be a make or break for several couples.

Heather vs Joe

These singles are set to meet on Thursday night to open Week 8 and it’s expected to be a close one, as they both have a fondness for PDA. Joe has traveled well, covering ground in six of their last eight road match-ups when he trekked to her neighborhood for drinks, while Heather has zealously defended her home turf and not yet put out.

Sofia vs Aaron

With both sides banged up and coming off tough losses from recently getting dumped, this is one of the harder ones to project an outcome for on the schedule. Two skittish defenses could prove difficult to make any major progress, and they both continue to put up yards of emotional distance.

Liza vs Marc

This clash is arguably the most anticipated meet-up of Week 8 and it should live up to the hype. One could argue that 2018 was a supremely successful season for them, as they finished it out with a ring. However, since this was only a promise ring, both sides agreed to take a break in the offseason. Everyone’s looking to 2019 to at least provide some closure.

Rachelle vs Elijah

These two dating app rookies found each other on their first swipe, creating some jealousy and scrutiny within the rest of the league. It does appear to be genuine, as Elijah went the distance on three of their last coffee dates and converted two of them into dinner and drinks, therefore proving himself a serious contender for her time and attention.

Hope vs Adam

We're now eight weeks into the season and Adam continues to look completely lost on offense. What do you want, Adam? The deciding factor here is if they want to be exclusive or not. Coming off a bye last week when Hope was in Dallas for work, it’s anticipated that both sides will need to focus on covering a lot of ground.

Katina vs Ryan

Despite lacking a marquee primetime kickoff since they’re seeing a 9p show, this Week 8 battle is an important one, and could essentially end Ryan's shot at a relationship in 2019. A lot will depend on which version of Ryan decides to show up: the emotionally available offense or the evasive and detached defense. Pending the outcome, Ryan could soon be released into free agency.