If you’re here, you’ve already beaten Level 15 “Trip to Mexico for Dental Work.” And remember, this only applies for The Game of Average Joe on PlayStation 5 and won’t work for other consoles. You will also have had to download the new patch. Anyways, let’s get started. Don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe.

Now, this tutorial is only if you chose the “Lone Wolf” class at the beginning of the game. Joe is a self-starter and will be going the S Corp route for tax season. You can possibly get here as a “Free Spirit” class, but only if you’ve really allocated your XP points to the “Entrepreneur” branch of your level-up tree.

If your “Stubbornness” and “Performative Masculinity” traits are below a combined twelve, Joe will hire a CPA and the level should be a cakewalk. If not, you’re on your own, and Joe’s soon-to-be ex-wife Anya (spoiler alert!) or, if you earned the “Prom King Achievement,” your high school sweetheart Leah will be drinking in the bathroom during the process.

Filling out the tax forms will be done in a series of mini-games. Much like the “Playing Catch with Pops” and “Getting Under the Bra” mini-games, these will be timing-based. And much like the “Talking Your Way out of a DUI” mini-game, your DualShock controller will vibrate pretty vigorously, simulating the Vicodin Joe is taking for his painful root canal from Dr. Herrera.

Various phrases like “Laptop Repair,” “Dinner with Amway Rep,” and “Thai Massage Parlor” will flash momentarily on screen. Press “X” to write them off as work expenses. Too many fraudulent write-offs will increase your “IRS Audit Stars,” and once you hit five, you will land in the “Sitting in County Jail for Three Months” side mission, which is not fun and will negatively affect your “Good Neighbor” score.

Also, if you dished out for the “High Life” DLC, do not claim income from Joe’s side business selling Percocet to high school seniors.

You’ll have to button mash to complete the personal information section. If you can’t keep up, Joe will break his pencil and go into “Existential Frenzy” mode. Use the motion sensor on the DualShock to balance Joe while he shouts invectives at his family and God. Failure to do so will result in the “Will to Live” bar reaching zero. And I’m sure you know what that means: Joe will drive his car into a river and that’s game over.

Well, that’s basically it for Level 16. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe. Join me next week for the walkthrough for Level 17: “Disneyland with the Kids During the Custody Battle.”