• It rains every year on his birthday.
  • He’s always asleep during both sunrise and sunset, so he’s never seen one before. Doesn't get what the big deal is.
  • Water tastes bad to him.
  • When he was young, a honey bee stung him, and instead of dying immediately, it only got stronger. Scientifically speaking, the bee should not have been able to fly—nor survive the stinging—and yet it went on flying and stinging anyway.
  • He got tricked into going camping once, and his friends made him pitch the tent, but he was really bad at it, so the tent fell down on the group while they were sleeping. Everyone made fun of him for that whole weekend and a number of years after. Also, he heard some rustling in the woods and got scared it was bears, but it turned out to be a bunch of squirrels. He got teased for that, too.
  • Pollution from oil and gas development, the transportation sector, and buildings all smell good to him.
  • The bee who stung him in his childhood continues to live a happy, productive life, creating a bunch of colonies and giving life to other bees.
  • He saw that movie Cars once and was like, “Now that’s the wonderful world that jazz singer must have been talking about.”
  • The bee that he feels so wronged by has even gone on to become a queen, a level of power Pruitt himself can never attain, no matter how hard he tries.
  • It’s all one big test to force Elon Musk’s hand at colonizing Mars.
  • He’s racist, corrupt, and power-hungry.
  • If the planet dies, every living thing on it will die, too, including that bee. Right?
  • Burning Man.