Original Post—01.26, 12:05 PM:

One-bedroom apartment for rent in Salt Lake City, Utah. $800/month plus utilities. No fees. Available ASAP. Please email for inquiries. Pictures attached.

Abigail—01.26, 6:10 PM:
Hello, I saw your posting for an apartment on 920 Main Street. It looks so bright and clean, plus it fits in my budget. I am moving to Salt Lake City for work in one month. Can I take a virtual tour sometime this week?

Realtor David—01.26, 6:12 PM:
Hi Abigail, sure! Can we schedule that in for, let’s say… tomorrow at 8 AM?

Abigail—01.26, 6:22 PM:
That sounds great! It looks too good to be true. Is there anything I should know about the apartment before I take the tour?

Realtor David—01.26, 6:23 PM:
Ah yes, there is one thing you should probably know. This apartment is in Verto Heights, named after the fact it is in the only Swap Zone of the city. About 11% of the Salt Lake City apartments are in this zone.

Abigail—01.26, 7:07 PM:
Could you please explain what the Swap Zone is? I only was able to find information on construction zones when I Googled it.

Realtor David—01.26, 7:10 PM:
In the Swap Zone you may have objects from your apartment go missing one day and new ones appear the next. It only happens three to fifty-five times a year, and for some people who like to live a more exciting life, it’s a huge selling point. When I lived there, one night my couch went missing, and the next night I found a fireplace in the middle of my living room! I also received a bronze statue that looks a bit like a horse, and a painting I think I could sell for a fine penny. I didn’t miss my coin collection after that!

Abigail—01.26, 7:12 PM:
I see… Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m not sure that will be a good option for me. I am a dollmaker for a living, and sometimes bring my work home.

Realtor David—01.26, 7:14 PM:
What an interesting profession! Well, I have another property for sale that may suit you a bit better, if you are interested?

Abigail—01.26, 7:34 PM:
Thank you, but I think I will search more on my own.

Realtor David—01.26, 7:46 PM:
Okay! I wish you luck. However, I feel obligated to warn you: because not all realtors are as honest as I am… there are very few places that fit your budget of $800 in the Traditional Living Zone. The ones that do, only have enough space for your suitcase and bed. Maybe you will find something more suited to your taste and budget in Echo Park?

Abigail—01.26, 8:08 PM:
What, may I ask, is Echo Park?

Realtor David—01.26, 8:12 PM:
Echo Park is a hip neighborhood with tons of history. When it was built, a strange formation occurred, creating a very unique treasure! If you are on one end of the park, you can hear entire conversations from people who live at the opposite end of the park, and they can hear you as well. It is a magnificent place to really get to know people you wouldn’t normally run into. Would you be open to a tour?

Abigail—01.26, 9:00 PM:
No thanks, I enjoy my privacy. Can you please tell me what is in my budget that is closest to the Traditional Living Zone?

Realtor David—01.26, 9:10 PM:
Ok. I hear your frustration and I definitely understand. I did some research into my inventory of apartments that are quiet and would fit well with your lifestyle. I think you if you increased your budget by $100 a month, you could afford something in Antelope Island.

Abigail—01.26, 9:26 PM:
Is Antelope Island an island full of antelopes?

Realtor David—01.26, 9:28 PM:
Very clever! No, not at all.

Abigail—01.26, 9:30 PM:
Wonderful!! That sounds a lot better than what I thought you were going to say. I think I can stretch my budget a bit for that neighborhood.

Realtor David—01.26, 9:33 PM:
Great! I will line up some virtual tours for you tomorrow morning then. I may just have to take some extra time to get the moose out. I heard one of them made their way into the attic just the other night. The poor things never know how to get out of there.