It’s that magical time of year: Spirit Week! At Franklin West Senior High School, we don’t just do school spirit, we are school spirit! As such, our Spirit Captain this year is Mr. Franks, the teacher/actual ghost that haunts the ninth-grade geometry classroom! Please read on to see how we will celebrate this very special week.

Monday: Pajama Day!

It’s like a sleepover, but with more learning! Fun fact, Mr. Hoggins is always wearing his nightshirt since the undead can’t change clothes.

Tuesday: Decade Day!

In honor of Mr. Hoggins, we’re celebrating the rocking 1910s! For PE period, Mr. Smith will lead you in a round of mumblety peg, which he informs us has something to do with knife-throwing! Zany!

Wednesday: Wacky Tacky Wednesday!

Wear mismatched socks, backwards pants, or again, mix-and-match your kookiest facemask with that nightshirt that you’re still wearing since 1912 with a bloodstained collar!

Would we trade Mr. Hoggins for a more traditional math instructor? Our past three failed attempts which ended in bodily possessions prove we would—could—not!

Thursday: Board Game Day!

You won’t be the UNO person looking forward to this day! Don’t have the MONOPOLY on good ideas and consider dressing by CONNECTing FOUR related costume ideas with a friend in the pod. YAHTZEE! We will participate in a live-action role-playing version of CLUE in which we try to discover who spiked Mr. Hoggins’ bourbon with shards of glass in 1917 in the house that used to be on this property! Was it the butler? His draft-dodging son-in-law? His estranged wife, Beatrice? We’ll find out or else he will continue to haunt the Williams’ house until his spirit is avenged.

Certainly not a TRIVIAL PURSUIT!

Friday: Movie Character Day!

As a special treat, Mr. Hoggins suggested we dress up as our favorite characters from “those infernal moving pictures.” Since he has no further insight into movies, here are the suggestions from your teachers for great costume ideas:

Mr. Garcia: “If you want to twin with me, dress up as American seminary student Michael Kovak from the 2011 movie The Rite.”

Dr. Landon-Frank: “I have to say: Lydia Maitland from Beetlejuice is an underrated choice.”

Mr. Williams: “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Either version. Any version. No seriously, call them. Got a proton pack? Bring it. Literally anything could help. It has been like this since we moved in. I don’t know why we agreed to host the pod in the first place.”


Our spirit week culminates this year with a “Sadie Hawkins” style dance and séance/bonfire of relics to end the night! This year’s ticket price will be $10. We hope this ticket cost will cover the expense of clean-up of any streamers, glitter, or ectoplasmic remains associated with other Spirit Week activities.

Again, thank you for your participation in all educational fun we put on together, and if you have any leads on math teachers, please direct them to our district’s job application page! Please!