1. With top marks, Makayla is an elite performer, well-connected, and from a very good family.
  2. Diego maintains work-life balance even with his chockablock calendar, filled with advanced coursework and extra-curriculars. He’s a volunteer “therapy partner” at the local senior center, shows fantastic recall skills, and eclipses every member of the ultimate frisbee team.
  3. I’ve spent years following and grading Mackenzie, and never have I witnessed such an unsurpassed, rare, elite pedigree.
  4. All work aside, Maverick Jewel has a fun side too. After helping his dad fix up the family’s 2019 Aston Martin DB1, he enjoyed the victory ride by sticking his head right out of the convertible and baying at the moon, which he remarked was especially big and bright that fine evening.
  5. A demonstrated and passionate leader, Jordan is a longstanding and vigilant member of his local neighborhood watch program.
  6. Harlowe Emerson’s story is of triumph over adversity. Mute until age three, she communicated only by tilting her head. After working with top specialists in the Relationship-Based Communications field, Harlowe found her voice, with her first utterance a request for hot lunch served in her favorite green bowl.
  7. Not only has she pursued the most challenging curriculum available, but Princess Muffy Mongdalee has excelled across the board, including her Advanced Scientific Training Seminar, which is focused on food-based rewards systems.
  8. Cody is by far the strongest member of the swim team, is registered with all the appropriate clubs, and is great with toddlers.
  9. Even with a packed schedule, Binky St. Bonky staves off burnout by making time for self-care. Her daily regimen includes myofascial treatments and more at the exclusive midtown salon, Releash the Rewards.
  10. Zoe’s parents have truly done an admirable job sheltering her in order to prevent undesirable breeding.
  11. The likes of Connor were not born overnight. Rather, his superior intelligence, even temperament, and rabid enthusiasm for fox hunting have been bred in him for generations.
  12. Bailey has all the hallmarks of her graduating class and none of the disqualifying traits. For example, you’ll find no impatience, aggression, or brindle about her.
  13. After her parents noticed an early affinity for digging, Ella Von Stella was enrolled in the U. S. National Park Service’s esteemed Junior Ranger Archaeology program. There, she assisted on various digs and has proudly unearthed fossilized trees, seashells, and her most prized find: a massive woolly mammoth bone.
  14. It’s the look in Jaden’s eyes—she’s a leader, a true alpha—continually looking ahead to the next generation that will bring her pack forward.
  15. Juno’s success is fueled by a nutritious diet including organic quail eggs, farmed New Zealand king salmon, and Iranian beluga caviar, all of which his personal chef imports weekly, prepares with love, and plates expertly in Juno’s favorite blue bowl.
  16. Lady Finglehopper, affectionately dubbed “Dee-Dee” by her classmates, is top of her class in calculus, which more than makes up for her humping problem.

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