Hey there. Welcome to my mindfulness YouTube channel “The Soft Touch.” I'm Jamie. If you’re new to my channel, welcome; if you’re returning, welcome back.

I’m glad you could be here. Today I will walk you through a guided journey and show you how to mindfully eat a cupcake.

Like mindfulness, cupcakes are a journey only meant for one. Plus, they’re delicious. So thank yourself for this wonderful opportunity.

If you don’t have a cupcake with you, please pause this video and get one before starting. Your experience will be so much greater. If you’re stuck, you can always refer to my video “How to Mindfully Purchase a Cupcake.” Or just watch me eat this cupcake. Up to you. Just make sure to like and subscribe to join my mindfulness community. Also, don’t forget to click the bell to get notified of my new videos. Namaste.

To begin, get into a comfortable position. Find a place where you can enjoy this moment. A place without people, noise, or other cupcakes to distract you.

This video is best enjoyed with headphones, and ideally not in public.

Let’s get started.

Start by placing the cupcake in front of you. Then take a deep breath. Breathe in that sweet air: the millions of air particles dancing like little cupcakes into your nose and lungs. They’re happy, aren’t they? It’s like they’re telling you to shove your face into the cupcake. But, wait. Take it slow.

Let your thoughts come and go. Do not focus on the past and the three cupcakes you polished off two hours ago. Or the cupcakes you’ll eat later today by convincing yourself they will go stale if you don’t.

Don’t think about your journey to the store, its wide cupcake selection, or your decision to buy a multi-pack, especially since they were on sale.

Be kind to yourself. And let go of the thought that only one cupcake is 583 calories.

Just think about the here and now.

Gently open your eyes and notice the cupcake in all its parts. The frosting. The sprinkles. The body. Damn, it looks sexy.

Maybe yours has a long candle in the center for a horn. Maybe it has rainbow sprinkles for nostrils and eyes. Maybe it’s just a boring non-unicorn cupcake. Whatever it is, appreciate it.

Now, gently undress the cupcake. Pinching its sides, pull its paper cup softly open. Assure the cupcake everything is fine. Assure yourself, too. This may feel weird. But it’s all part of the process.

Maybe add a few gentle affirmations like, “I will enjoy this cupcake,” “I’m taking a moment to eat this cupcake,” or “I will show this cupcake no mercy.” Just say whatever feels right to you.

Gently lift the cupcake up to your lips and let your jaw drop. Now, sink your teeth into the frosting and notice a few things. The texture. The taste. The drool you’re producing.

Don’t worry, it’s normal.

We’re going to start with sprinkle-sized bites. Make sure to enjoy the moment, and make it last longer than your typical 3-second scoffs.

Savor each bite. Feel free to close your eyes in appreciation. And–

FUCK that’s good! Shit, there goes half of it. That’s fine.

Let us inhale and pump the brakes before we continue.

Now, let us graduate to larger bites. They can start whichever way. I’ve started by licking the frosting off, or whatever is left, like a cow. Technically, that’s a bite, and now I can feel the sugar racing through my veins, releasing endorphins as magical as these unicorn cupcakes dancing over a rainbow.

Wow, wow, WOW! I’m going to–

OKAY. That’s most of it gone. But, that’s fine. I’m accepting this experience for what it is : a pig fest.

But in these times, you must remember to enjoy whatever is left of the cupcake.

Now, to slow it all down, I’m taking a deep breath before I continue –


To fully appreciate and extend the experience, I’m going to advise a few extra steps. Steps like shoving its waxy paper cup into your mouth. As I said, this is the way I’m doing it. You can follow your own journey. Just do what’s natural. For me, it’s chewing it like gum, sucking every atom from this delectable piece of paper. I’m also picking the crumbs with my thumbs and rolling them in a smaller cupcake. Mindfulness can be an amazing thing.

Thanks for stopping by.

If this video helped you, please leave a comment below and share your cupcake eating experience.

Also, feel free to re-watch this video if you bought a multi-pack.