As we all know, Fall is the best time of year! No matter what is going on in your life compared to the people on social media, Fall is when you can have the most fun and start your own traditions. Here are some great tips to have the most memorable Fall anyone has ever seen. That will show them!

Pumpkin Patch with Dog

So many ways to have fun at the local Pumpkin Patch! Take your best friend and loyal confidant, Penelope, the golden retriever. Dogs allegedly love the outside, plus she looks so cute in her new Jack-O-Lantern sweater.

Way cuter than Bethany's 4-year-old daughter even.

Let Penelope off-leash to play with the human children while you talk to their parents about your mutual hardships in raising a young one. Can you believe how early they wake up? And how fussy they get when they want something? How difficult it is to wean them?! Omg, kids!

When Penelope desecrates one of the pumpkins or children, you'll know that's the one she's chosen as hers! Now it's time to gather her up and get her home for a nap before she's cranky.

Carving Pumpkins with Elderly

All the pumpkins that you collected at the patch will come in handy for your weekly volunteer night at the nursing home. They might still think it's 1959 and tell stories with troubling sexist overtones but aren't old people just so cute.

Help them steady their very sharp tools as they carve haunting images from the depths of their dementia-addled minds into their pumpkins. Is that a foxhole containing a pile of screaming old friends? So spooky!

Right when a few too many people have cut themselves, Daniel shows up for his shift. That means it's time for you to go (and fast)! Great job providing such a vital service to the community. Don't forget to leave the bags of caramels and taffy you brought for the residents!

Fun Foliage Pictures with Family

The Andersons down the street always take the cutest fall pictures with their 2.5 children and perfectly groomed dog, Penelope.

Hannah gets matching plaid shirts for the kids with coordinated bandanas for the pup!

After seeing a post where they shared the cute black and orange striped plaids for this year's pics, you happen to swing by the sale rack at Macy's, and what are the odds—there is the exact same shirt!
On picture day, you stay a safe distance behind the Andersons' station wagon as you follow them to the clearing by the lake. What a great spot for a photo op! After snapping some selfies from the trees, you make your way into the background of their pics.

The photographer doesn't notice at first; she's trying to get the stupid baby to smile. You take this opportunity to assimilate behind everyone and really smile for fall! Of course, the Andersons are surprised (and delighted) to see you, but you have to get to brunch anyway. Can't wait to see these on Facebook!

Backyard Bonfire

According to her Instagram, your best friend from junior high, Erin, just got the cutest little backyard bonfire pit. She's posted so many stories of her and her family sitting around it, roasting marshmallows and drinking cider. Adorbs.

You just have to create a bonfire pit of your own, something a bit smaller since it will need to fit on your apartment's balcony. You reference your Bonfire Mood Board frequently—it's filled with screenshots you've taken of Erin's Instagram. Once everything is set up, you do a whole photoshoot of yourself roasting marshmallows. But something feels off. You grab your makeup brushes and do a quick contour to make your face look more like Erin's. Now the pictures are perfect!

You do a live stream on your balcony and talk about how much you love Fall and how you just had this cute idea for a balcony bonfire out of nowhere. Erin starts messaging in the feed, saying it looks exactly like her backyard, and she knows you screenshot those pictures. You admit that Erin may have been a #inspo for the idea, but the execution was all you.

For some reason, after your livestream, it looks like Erin has deleted all her social media. So weird, but that's the only explanation because she would never block you. You're basically still best friends!

Watching Halloween Movies with Crush

Recently, the cutest 20-something moved into the apartment next door to yours. You have been casually flirting with him, but autumn is the time to take it up a notch. You run into him at the mailboxes, and he mentions he's going to be watching scary movies with some friends that night. You wink and say “maybe I'll watch, too.” He says something else about a girl, maybe? A girlfriend? You aren't sure, you're already planning your big romantic gesture.

While he's at work, you drill a series of small holes into the shared living room wall. You are thrilled to see that the holes face his couch instead of the TV. Later that night, you make some popcorn and create a cozy area with floor pillows and blankets right in front of the holes.

You watch your crush watch the movie. He's so cute when he's scared. You decide that later that after he's asleep, you'll surprise him by letting yourself into his apartment. Good thing you had that spare key made before he moved in!

Now all you have to do is decide which sexy costume to wear—Sexy Freddy Krueger or Sexy Michael Myers with a real chainsaw. You decide chainsaw seems more fun and spontaneous—it's going to be so hashtag goals when you tell your kids how you got together!