At Old Navy, we think it’s important to Dress for the Unavoidable, and that’s why we’re introducing a new line of highly fashionable body armor products. Who says you can’t be prepared and stylish?

Bulletproof Cardigans

These suave wool-blend cardigans feature alluring patterns and a hardy kevlar interior lining. They also come in a variety of colors! With these cardigans, you can experience sophistication and security at the same time.

Tactical Khaki Pants

When it’s time to leave the relative safety of your own home and step out into a world that is armed to the teeth, you need freedom of movement, leg and groin protection, and above all, style. These snazzy, titanium-reinforced, relaxed-fit (as relaxed as the titanium will allow), cotton twill khakis are sure to do the trick! Whether it’s a business event or a casual get-together that could be plunged into carnage, these versatile tactical khaki pants are the way to go.

Armored Sweater Vests

When you want something that will keep you toasty on a crisp afternoon and take your mind off of worrying about an inescapable, nearly inevitable encounter with legally-acquired firearms, these contemporary, yet heavily-armored sweater vests are a must-have. These cozy sweater vests provide maximum protection to vital organs, while leaving your arms free to quickly write out your last will and testament. These vests are smart, dashing, and safe-ish!

Tweed Battle Blazers

When you’re wearing this tweed, you’ll (hopefully) never have to bleed! These classy blazers are tweed on the outside and made with our strongest tungsten chainmail. When mobility and weight aren't a priority, but looking good is, reach for these swanky and indestructible battle blazers. They're tested to withstand rocket-propelled grenades because honestly, who really knows what people can buy these days. If you want to exhibit an exceptionally cultured vibe while maintaining confidence that you can get of most rooms alive, you can’t go wrong with the battle blazer.

Fitted, European-style Polo

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these sophisticated, European-style polo shirts will whisk you away to a land where there aren't more guns than there are people! Sometimes the best defense against a world gone mad is to retreat completely into fantasy.

Mechanized Fashion Exoskeleton

For the first time ever, Old Navy is proud to move into the field of mechanized full-body armored exoskeletons. No longer the stuff of science fiction, mechanized exoskeletons are now the latest trend in fashion! Each Mechanized Fashion Exoskeleton is composed of quadruple-layered carbon steel plating, available in an array of attractive camouflage finishes. Computerized gyroscopes and actuators allow you to move around with ease when wearing this adorably quirky 2000 lb suit of armor. In a world where everyone is armed like a soldier, the only safe option is to dress like a cute tank!

When anyone on the street could be dressed to kill, you need to be dressed to survive. Dress for the unavoidable!