My mom’s been going on at me to start podcasting.

I guess I know what she means. I need to face up to it, I’m a 32-year-old guy. I probably should be podcasting by now.

It’s crazy, you know? Throughout my twenties, I hardly ever thought about starting a podcast of my own. I mean, you know, obviously I figured I’d do it at some point, but it always seemed so far away. It was something for when I was older.

I’m older now, I guess. I’ve reached that age when most guys are doing their own podcast, so I’m going to need to stop putting it off and actually start a podcast myself.

What kind of podcast should I do?

I like the idea of something informal. Like, getting a couple of buddies and sitting on the porch with some beers and just talking. I mean, we’re pretty funny guys.

Like Zimmsky. Zimmsky always cracks me up, man. After a couple of beers, he starts doing this impression of a British guy. You know, you’ll just be talking and he’ll be like, “'Ello guvnor, fancy a pint of bitter and bangers and mash.”

He’s crazy. It’d be great for more people to hear the Zimmster.

I could call it, “The couple of buddies sitting on the porch with some beers and just talking podcast”—it would be like hanging out with some cool, funny guys for an hour each week.

Oh, man, what I am—that’s terrible. That’s a terrible idea for a podcast. No one would listen to that.

Starting a podcast is tough. You know, when you’re younger you assume that when you start a podcast, you’ll just know what to do, but I don’t. I just don’t. I’m not even sure I want to start a podcast.

Why should every guy in his thirties have a podcast? What’s wrong with taking a stand against what’s expected of you and saying, “No, I don’t want to start a podcast. It’s not for me.”

But then, what if I get to 50 and I’ve never started a podcast and I’m all like, “My life is so empty without having started a podcast of my own” and so I try and start a podcast then, but I’m too old and–

No come on. I need to man up here. I’m 32. I can start a podcast. Of course I can start a podcast. Guys my age start podcasts every day.

Hey, I could do something about my bike. I mean, there’s a lot of guys out there who ride bikes and they’d definitely want to hear a podcast with other guys who ride bikes talking about their bikes.

I could podcast about cycle tours I’ve been on and basic bike maintenance.

Thing is though, do I really know any more about cycling than just your average guy? Does that even matter when it comes to podcasting?

You see, this is the problem. I just don’t know what I’m doing. Surely, if you’re ready to start a podcast, if you’ve really reached that time in your life, then some sort of natural podcasting instinct should just kick in.

I don’t have that. I just don’t. Maybe that’s it. I’m just instinctively, physically, biologically not ready to start a podcast.

My parents will be disappointed. I get that. All their friends will be all about how their sons have got podcasts out of their own and they’re getting some decent iTunes reviews and good subscriber numbers, and then there’ll be my folks saying about how I just didn’t think it was for me.

It’ll be pretty embarrassing for them to be the only couple on the block whose son doesn’t have a podcast but, you know, they’ll get used to it after a while, won’t they? It won’t be that bad?

Or screw it, maybe I’ll just start a podcast where I say I’m going to watch every single episode of The Steve Harvey Show and then just quietly give up on it after a few weeks.