Dear Survey Responder—

At Consumer Insights Now, we’re always looking to improve your experience with our Customer Experience Surveys about your customer experiences. Please take a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire—your feedback on how we got your feedback is extremely valuable.

On a scale of “dissatisfied” to “completely satisfied,” how satisfied were you with the questions that asked you to rate things on a scale of “dissatisfied” to “completely satisfied”?

Were there any common levels of satisfaction that we failed to offer as response options? e.g. sorta satisfied, existentially satisfied, really-good-peach satisfied, etc.

When we asked, “How did Michelle do?” did we get that right? Did someone named Michelle help you?

The email containing the survey had the subject line, “Make Your Opinion Count!” Would you have been MORE LIKELY or LESS LIKELY to open the email if the subject line had been, “Make Your Opinion Count a Lot!” (like I had suggested).

Remember the status bar along the top of the survey that filled in as you completed each section? That was Raul’s idea. He said it would “game-ify” the survey experience. Did it?

When we asked how quickly you were greeted after you first entered, did that sound accidentally sexual to you?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how did you like the questions that asked you to rate things on a scale of 1 to 5?

When we asked, “Which of these best describes you?” and offered a few race choices, was that a subtle enough way to find out if you were ethnic?

Do you have any further comments about the section that said, “Any further comments?”

In our email, we stated that the survey would only take 3 to 5 minutes. Did it?

We mentioned that by completing the survey, you would receive a free donut and be entered in a weekly drawing to win $200. Would you have completed the survey if there was no free donut involved?

If you answered NO, please tell us what alternative use of 3 to 5 minutes would have given you a shot at something better than $200.

Near the end of the survey, we flashed a headline that said, “You’re almost done!” Did that feel forced?

You’re almost done!

When we asked for your household income, should we NOT have done that?

Did we offer enough options when we asked for your gender?

How likely would you be to recommend Consumer Insights Now surveys to a friend?

Thank you for your time and thoughtful feedback. Your input will help us continue to craft customer experience surveys that are really-good-peach satisfying.