Looking at me, you’d think I was just your every day, run of the mill millennial. And it’s true! I’m just like you! Except for one key difference. At only twenty-five, I’ve achieved something few of my peers have managed yet: I bought a house. How did I do it? Well, today I’m willing to share my secrets.

Most people my age spend their money on frivolous things: fancy take-out lattes, avocados, student loans, healthcare. Those sorts of unnecessary expenses. Well, after I graduated from college and started out in the world, I knew I had to keep a tight budget, which is why I make my coffee myself, at home! Also, my home is a hollowed-out tree in the woods where I live like Winnie the Pooh.

Some people go out to fancy coffee shops every day and spend $4 or more on fancy lattes. Instead of that, I make do with my own homemade coffee, which I make at my home, which is, again, a hollowed-out tree in the woods. Since I don’t have “hot water,” or “a pantry” or “a coffeemaker” or indeed “plumbing,” it’s not quite as tasty as the coffee they brew at my local coffee shop, but it sure is cheaper! After I brew up my coffee, I use a travel mug to take it to work. This helps me save tons of money every month!

I hear you ask, but what about student loans? Well, because of some clever forward thinking, I don’t have to make student loan payments! Why? Because I have no mailing address or internet access. With no mail service to the hollowed-out tree in the woods where I live like Winnie the Pooh, and no wifi network, there’s nowhere for my loan service providers to send statements! Can’t pay student loans if you don’t get the statements! What’s defaulting? I’ve never heard of that! Sounds like something I’d have time to deal with if I weren’t a homeowner.

I’m sure you’re thinking, okay, but isn’t living in a tree hard? Isn’t it less luxurious than say, an apartment, or my mom's couch? I mean, maybe, but look, being a homeowner means you have to take some work on yourself. There’s no superintendant to call if, say, a structurally necessary branch falls down, or your neighbor, a beady-eyed tree squirrel, is making a racket at all hours of the night. But increased responsibility comes with increased rewards. I’m no longer tied down to paying rent every month. Now I can spend my money on me. Sure, the commute can be difficult, and cleaning is a never-ending task, but I’ve truly never felt more like a responsible grown up than when I’m enjoying a nice quiet night in my own home, a hollowed-out tree in the woods. #Adulting, am I right?

I share my story with you today in the hopes of inspiring you to buy a home/tree for yourself too. If I can do it, anyone can! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go speak to the squirrel upstairs about enforcing some tree-wide quiet hours.