Sorry to bother you, but I’ve got a serious problem. For the past week I’ve been searching for a dubstep version of the musical Wicked. But every time I Google the phrase “Wicked dubstep” I just get a bunch of awesome dubstep songs. Obviously this is NOT what I’m looking for. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.



It’s me again. It’s been a few days and you never got back but I’m still super interested in finding Wicked dubstep. And by that I mean dubstep from Broadway’s hit 2003 musical Wicked. Not the sick beats I currently get whenever type “Wicked dubstep” into Google. I know you’ve got a ton of Broadway people over there and I was hoping you could help me out.

Please let me know!

Hey again,

It’s me. Please respond. I’ve been doing a lot more Google searches. Let me know where I messed up:

  • “Wicked dubstep”
  • “Give me Wicked dubstep”
  • “Wicked dubstep but not badass dubstep”
  • “Wicked musical dubstep”
  • “Wicked musical dubstep because it is from the musical Wicked, not because all dubstep is music”
  • “Elphaba dubstep Wicked show me Wicked dubstep Google”

Thanks Broadway.,

It is me. More specifically, I am looking for a version of the Wicked song “Popular” where Kristin Chenoweth’s character (Glinda the good witch) tries to make Idina Menzel’s character (Elphaba the bad witch) popular. I think it is a really good song and I’m also super into dubstep so I thought it would be sweet if you could combine these two things. But whenever I Google “Popular dubstep” I just get a bunch of Top 40 bullshit by Skrillex and Flux Pavilion. This is worse than when I Google “Wicked dubstep” because I’ve already heard all this stuff.

Seriously. Help me out.

Dear assholes at,

I know you have a dubstep version of “Defying Gravity” where Idina sings “it’s time to try” and then the bass drops when she sings the title of the song. I cannot believe that IN ALL OF BROADWAY no one wants to give me their copy of Wicked dubstep.

The hell?,

I will take a dubstep version of “March of the Witch-Hunters.” Or even that terrible song where the goat sings. As long as it is dubstep from Wicked and not wicked dubstep. I’ve listened to all of Google’s wicked dubstep because I thought it might be Wicked dubstep but it wasn’t.

It was just wicked dubstep.


The goat song is called “Something Bad (Is Happening in Oz)” and it is shit. But I would still love a dubstep version of it.




Dear Broadway.

Wicked by Stephen Schwartz taught us to be nice to everyone even green people. All I want is some Wicked dubstep.

Hey dickweeds at

I hope you’re happy.

I hope you’re happy how you hurt your cause forever.

I hope you think you’re clever.

Those last three emails were from Wicked.

But how kickass would it be if they were dubstep?


I love the musical Cats and I’m currently looking for some sick-as-hell recordings of Cats on Broadway. But whenever I google “sick Cats” I just get a bunch of dumb pet websites. Obviously this is not what I want.

Please help me out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!