Being alive is expensive! Between bills, gas, rent, and weekly groceries, it can be hard, nay impossible, to find a way to save. Thanks to rising inflation and dormant salaries, you may find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, unable to spend your money on what matters most. Things like toys for your children, date nights, trips to new and exciting places—and even guacamole—get pushed to the wayside because you think you can’t afford them.

But that’s where you’re wrong! If you find yourself unable to budget beyond the basic necessities of life but yearn for the ability to spend your money on what’s most important to you (particularly guacamole) then Guac can help!

Introducing Guac: The #1 Expense Tracking App for ensuring that you can always afford guacamole!

Guac tracks your spending

With our state-of-the-art expense tracking system, Guac will help you find opportunities (GuacOpportunities™) to save! By putting things into two basic categories: “More Important Than Guac” and “Less Important Than Guac,” we’ve been able to help thousands of people afford guacamole on a regular basis. No more acting like you don’t want guacamole or pretending that if you get guacamole, it’ll make you too full. Guac knows you’re hungry, both for financial freedom and guacamole. Let us help give you both!

Guac helps you budget

Guac’s patented budgeting software allows you to plan far into your financial future, helping to prepare for any major guacamole-related purchases that might need to be made. Footing the bill for a big dinner at “On The Border” with the in-laws? Want to show off your fat wallet on a first date at Qdoba? Graduation party on the horizon with a Mexican-inspired menu? Guac can help! No matter what the timeframe or budget, Guac is here to help to get you there. With there being a time when you need to spend money on guacamole.

Guac provides 24/7 customer support

Just as guacamole functions well regardless of the time of the day, so too does Guac, providing you with 24-hour support and system monitoring. Day or night, rain or shine, mashed or that weird method where it’s just cut up avocados, Guac has your back.


“I used to buy a lot of chewing gum because I wanted to have fresh breath, but with the help of Guac’s expense tracking software, I quickly realized that all those sticks of Doublemint were, in fact, Less Important Than Guac. Now I’m walkin' the walk and guacin' the guac every single day!”

“When I went grocery shopping, I always had to buy those small pre-packaged guacamole cups because that was all I could afford, but with Guac I’ve been able to create a budget that allows me to purchase freshly made real-deal-bonafide guacamole whenever I please. Let’s just say, I’m not going to have to worry about affording guacamole for a very long time.”

“My husband and I were always stressing about whether or not we could afford to get chips and guacamole when we went to our local Mexican restaurant, but with Guac and its in-depth expense tracking, we haven’t had a fight in months. Pulling our daughter from that private school, at the behest of Guac, is one of the best decisions we ever made. Our hearts and our bellies are full. Thanks Guac!”

What are you waiting for? Grab a chip and have a dip of Guac, the only expense tracker app designed to help you buy more guacamole. First month free with promo code GUAC4EVER today!