With millions of jobless claims and thousands of people trying to get on the site at one time, the NY unemployment site has been especially slow lately. The website urges users to “have patience,” but it’s been five hours. You may not have any patience left but you do have empty toilet paper rolls, loose floss and scissors. Here are some easy craft ideas to keep yourself busy while you wait for the site to load, or wait for someone to pick up your call, whichever comes first. I have a feeling both will take a while.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

An easy craft to make with all of the empty toilet paper rolls you have left around the house, this bird feeder will feed your neighborhood feathered friends. It’s so beautiful to see watch nature coming back faster than the jobs. Roll the toilet paper roll in peanut butter and birdseed, hang from your fan and open the windows. It will almost feel like you’re outside.

Knit a Cozy For Your Vibrator

Your vibrator has probably been getting a lot of action through the quarantine and through the waiting times on the NY Unemployment Site, so why not knit a cozy for your friend? It’s definitely working more than you are right now. You’ll need one skein of yarn, depending on your model. Warm your feet on the heat of your computer monitor as it attempts to load the site and sit down with your needles and yarn and lose yourself in your work.

Surgical Glove Popcorn Hand

Although this craft is usually popular around Halloween, time has no meaning right now, making it actually a very timely decoration. Easy to make, the surgical glove popcorn hand is a big hit with kids or adults with no schedule and a full day of waiting for the unemployment site to load. It’s a great way to re-use the surgical gloves you wore to the grocery store! Stuff the used gloves with popcorn (any flavor) and tie the bottom with a piece of floss. Hold the hand when you miss human contact.

Jean Shorts

It looks like you probably won’t be wearing your jeans out for quite some time, so why not cut them up and turn them into jean shorts? If they look bad, just sew them back together, you’ll have time—the site still isn’t loading.

Homemade Stress Ball

While you wait for the site to load, you might feel a little stressed. Take a balloon, or an unlubed condom, because won’t be using that for a while, either, and fill with cornstarch until you have a ball the size of a small tumor. Tie the end in a knot and squeeze when the site logs you out again. Tip: Use a ribbed condom for a stress ball death-grip.