Bullets have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years. People always associate us with the worst possible scenarios. Sure, our main function is to be inserted into a weapon that literally only is meant to kill, but that’s no reason to point the finger at us.

Ok, so we’re a large part of literally every war, but so are doctors and no one blames them. Everyone is all like “what caused this gunshot wound, the doctor or the bullet?” Everyone is always like “the bullet” and that hurts. I mean, probably not as much as a gunshot wound, but still. Just please try and consider how we feel about always being the scapegoat.

We’re people too, I mean we’re not, we’re bullets, but killing isn’t our intent, just our design.

Dana Loesch, bless her, has been defending me to the best of her ability. All of the GOP, really. I mean, yeah it was overboard to blame drag queens and gay marriage, but at least it’s considering any option besides the obvious ones! It’s a bad argument and all since, you know, marriage is marriage and a bullet is something that goes in a gun meant to kill, but it was nice to not hear my name and “death” or “carnage” or “inconsolable sobbing” in the same sentence, FOR ONCE.

Yeah, I don’t like dead children either, but think about how I feel! I’m always brought into some school or food festival or someplace meant to be an escape from deadly bars, movie theaters, and churches, and then suddenly I’m being sprayed everywhere and going into kids. It puts me in a very uncomfortable position and people keep giving me a hard time. They keep saying “why do you need to spray hundreds of you in 60 seconds,” and I’m like “it’s not up to me, blame the deer that can’t be killed without high caliber assault rifles!” Hunting is a great American past-time. It’s a shame the animals made it necessary to make me able to pierce through a bulletproof vest.

Also, super rude to make clothing and back to school supplies specifically to keep us out. We don’t like being excluded, just inserted violently and recklessly.

As the great Neil DeGrasse Tyson probably said at one point: “bullets don’t actually kill you, it’s actually organ failure and internal bleeding that ultimately is the cause of death. Plus, you’re far more likely to be crushed to death in a stampede of people running away from the gunfire so there’s nothing to be up in arms about.” I’m just sick of always being held responsible just because of who I hang out with, or hang out inside.

Remember, as the saying goes, bullets don’t kill people, lobbyists who ban research into deaths caused by gunfire, particularly related to white terror groups, who scream about defending the 2nd Amendment in the name of fighting oppression, while standing over bleeding children, giving everyone easy access to guns regardless of the countless anger issues, domestic violence, past convictions, and ignored harassment/rape accusations from women and POC, refusing to implement common-sense background checks, stoking violent and racist rhetoric, and giving those racists no hurdles to get maximum capacity assault rifles as long as they’re white, in which the bullets go, kill people.