1. Is he Ralph Macchio?

This is a question Mr. Scaramucci is asked all the time, but no, Anthony Scaramucci is not The Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio.

Anthony Scaramucci and Ralph Macchio

In a 2015 Forbes interview, Mr. Scaramucci said, “I’ve never even seen The Karate Kid. I do love The Wolf of Wall Street though, if you guys want to talk about that.”

On the other hand, there is no photographic proof that Ralph Macchio and Anthony Scaramucci have ever been in the same place at the same time. So conspiracy theorists, get your tin foil hats ready!

2. Does he ever go by “Tony Scrambled Eggs”?

Yes and no.

Usually Anthony Scaramucci likes to be called “Mr. Scaramucci,” “CEO Scaramucci,” or “The Dark Lord of Business.” However, at informal gatherings with close family and friends, he isn’t opposed to being called quite a few nicknames. Some of his favorites include “The Mooch,” “The Scar,” “Antoine the Slick,” and “Tony Scrambled Eggs.”

So yes, occasionally he’ll respond to it. However, if you’re just an acquaintance of Mr. Scaramucci, we’d recommend sticking to The Dark Lord of Business.

3. When will he start as White House Director of Communications?

Mr. Scaramucci has a few pieces of paperwork to sign before he can start his new job, but the main thing blocking him right now is Sean Spicer. Anthony can not start his new job until the former press secretary gets too tired to keep sprinting around the White House lawn in his Easter Bunny costume (this has been a fantasy of Spicer’s since 2007).

And it could take quite a while. Spicer was seen knocking back a couple of 5-hour Energies just before saying, “Take this CNN,” putting on his bunny head, and sprinting out onto the White House lawn like a gimp dog that’d just been given a robot leg.

When Spicer does eventually collapse of exhaustion, Scaramucci will be free to begin work.

4. Does he over-pronounce Italian words?

There is no explicit evidence of Mr. Scaramucci doing this. However, we can assume that he does because of the way his face is.

Look at him and try to imagine him saying “biscotti” without over-pronouncing it to the point where people in other conversations within earshot cringe slightly.

You can’t? That’s because it’s impossible.

5. Is he part of “The Swamp”?