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Customers who dated Greg also purchased a 3-for-1 deal of Listerine and a year’s supply of therapy.

“Product arrived in good condition, but I didn’t expect it to be so short.”

“Never showed up.”

“Be advised, Greg’s photos look much better than the real thing.”

“Product had average features: employed and knows how to play the ukulele. But after I used it once, it ghosted. I called customer support and they just said, ’it’s not you, it’s Greg.’”

“I’ve purchased nineteen other models just like Greg. None of them worked, especially Vince. At least Greg had a decent return policy.”

“I swear to God, I will never buy this ever again on the Internet. I’m going back to the old brick and mortar way, if that’s still a thing.”

“Scam!!! Lied about having a dog!!!”

“Great product with benefits! Fortunately, Amazon let me return Greg before I got too emotionally involved.”

“I don’t usually write reviews, but this is the worst product I’ve EVER dated!!! First, Greg’s photos were WAY OFF. Why would he post a photo from TEN YEARS AGO while posing with his ex-girlfriend’s dog?! I thought things would turn around when Greg mentioned that he plays the ukulele (I’m a sucker for musicians LOL), but the only songs he can play are covers from Mumford & Sons. UGH! Plus, he wouldn’t shut up about Infinite Jest!!”

“Before I pulled the trigger, I was chatting online with Greg. We had good banter, but he stopped replying when I mentioned that I have two kids.”

“I told Amazon to ship Greg to my local dive bar. After two drinks, I took him back to my place for the unboxing. Good for one time use.”

“Does not work.”