Purelled Pumpkin Pie for One

A large pie sits cooling on a stove, you’re all alone and your hands still smell of sanitizer from the grocery store. The aromas of pumpkin begin tap dancing with the scent of Purell.
Fragrance Notes: Pumpkin, Purell, Loneliness

Cozy Face Mask Weather
Your mask snuggles your nose on a crisp fall day. You yell to a stranger, “What perfect mask weather we’re having!” The moment you speak, your morning breath percolates the inside of your mask up into your nose and you remember you forgot to brush your teeth.
Fragrance Notes: Leaves, Fabric, Your Breath

No-toberfest Dreams
Octoberfest. But in your dreams. Visions of beards, flannel, and beer lovers dance in your head. The smell of burnt pretzel rolls fills the air. And… cannabis? It looks like it’s coming from a porta potty in the corner of the parking lot, so you go and check it out. It’s cannabis alright. The boozy aromas of pot and pretzels slowly flow from the porta potty chimney, reminding you of your canceled festival.
Fragrance Notes: Stale Beer, Beards, Pretzel Rolls, Porta Potty Pot

Whiskey-Soaked Flannel
The garage. A perfect place to pretend to be at Octoberfest. You have on your best flannel, and you’re no longer drinking beer, you’ve moved on to whiskey. You start drinking from the bottle because your glass shattered when you were dancing with a garbage can earlier. The scents of whiskey-soaked flannel remind you of what really went on that night.
Fragrance Notes: Whiskey Cork, Flannel, Vomit with Notes of Pretzel Roll

Indoor Lumberjack
There’s only so much to do indoors. You’ve forgotten how much time has gone by. What day is it? You’re getting sick of your furniture, you’ve been staring at it for months on end. It’s IKEA and you ponder if it’s real furniture anyway? You chop it up to use as kindling.
Fragrance Notes: Faux Oak, Sweat, Confusion

Fresh Pine-Sol
Germs, germs, germs. Must die. You pour bottles of Pine-Sol across your floors on an autumn night.
Fragrance notes: Pine-Sol

Cabin Fever Delight
Hot dogs sizzle over a space heater because you’ve officially lost it. Time is nothing but a construct. The walls smell like they’re melting. They are. The space heater lights your hot dogs on fire, sending smoke billowing up the oak panels.
Fragrance Notes: Oak-Paneled Walls, Insanity, Ballpark Franks

Socially Distanced Pumpkin Picking
Pumpkins line a farm field. A fellow picker steps too close. You throw a pumpkin at them yelling “Back up! Six feet!” They're decked by it and roll across the ground, crushing the pumpkin you were going to pick. The pungent aroma of pumpkin guts fills the air as the scent of salty tears reminds you of the pumpkin you lost that day.
Fragrance Notes: Measuring Tape, Pumpkin Guts, Tears

Thanksgiving Dinner in Quarantine
Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy—a whole Thanksgiving spread fills your senses. The smell of your aunt’s perfume nearly chokes you as she greets you at the door. Faint sounds of tableside arguments with your loved ones crackle through the burning wick. This candle is now your Thanksgiving in 2020. Put the wick out when you start smelling your uncle’s “Thanksgiving gas”—no one should have to live through that.
Fragrance Notes: All-the-Fixins, Aunt Edna’s Perfume, Despair