1. Dank, dark atmospherics
  2. Certain dangers are obvious; others arise unexpectedly
  3. Everything is interconnected, but how?
  4. Furious pursuit of leverage
  5. First bloodshed
  6. Things get real messy, real fast
  7. The protagonist mutters “I’m too old for this shit”
  8. Creative use of duct tape, but it doesn’t hold
  9. Piercing shrieks
  10. Ratcheting, ratcheting, ratcheting
  11. Pressure builds
  12. Don’t lose the thread
  13. New, increasingly difficult obstacles
  14. Looming: a specialist in wrench and blowtorch work
  15. Time is running out
  16. Second bloodshed
  17. Nobody is coming to the rescue
  18. Spurting
  19. Everything hinges on the final twist
  20. A satisfying, tidy ending
  21. Major sequel potential

1-21: Writing a thriller.
1-19, 21: Repairing the basement toilet.