Aries! Your sun sign is the noble and stubborn ram, and that ram has been telling everyone that you don’t floss.


Taurus sun is grounded and earthy. I did hear it spreading a rumor that you lied about meeting Joey Fatone though.


Listen, I know it’s your sun sign, but just ignore what Gemini is saying. Do you wear a lot of plaid? Yes. But it was rude of the twins to talk about it at that slumber party.


So you have a sun in Cancer, and it’s gossiping about you mistaking that normal beach for a nude beach? Typical crab.


Those with Leo suns are very proud, which is why it must hurt to hear that your sign has been blaming you for the deadline you missed on your JOINT project.


Virgo is represented by a fair maiden who definitely didn’t read your childhood diary without your knowledge.


Libra, your balanced scales are telling me that you are fair and reasonable. But when you left the room for a second they also told me you “can be a lot.”


If your sun is ruled by Scorpio, congratulations! Your astrological sign isn’t talking behind your back; it’s saying it all right to your face.


Sagittarius, having an archer sun sign means you are feisty and overly competitive. This might be why this constellation of stars dished to everyone about you yarfing at the Christmas party.


Have a seagoat sun sign? Sounds cool until you realize it’s been blaming you when it farts.


Aquarius, your water bearer sun is always unique, even when making up elaborate lies about your college years behind your back. Which it does, all the time.


As someone with a sun in Pisces, you’re sensitive. The fish who represent you know not to spread hurtful rumors. Unfortunately, the mean things that they’re saying about you are all true.