After five years of prep that included countless hours of concept development, iterating, and weekly check-ins, it’s time we take our relationship to the next level—Public, I mean MARRIAGE.

To be clear, we’re not doing this because it’s the EASY THING or LOGICAL NEXT STEP or GOOD FOR OUR BRANDS.

We are doing to deepen our EVERLASTING BOND and redefine THE INSTITUTION.

💒👀So, HOW did we build such a LOVING RELATIONSHIP? 👀💒

Here’s how 👇

From day one, I employed a FULL AND COMPLETE ONBOARDING process, cutting no corners in shaping the way I want you to be for me.

We’ve consistently met TOP-LEVEL KPIs like sharing costs, employing the path of least resistance, and feeling marginally less lonely when we are together.

We employ HOLISTIC, 360 REVIEWS of each other that include EXTERNAL REVIEW from an unbiased source—@My Mom | Career Coach 💻Life Expert 🧬 Pisces ♓

We have a running PARTNER FIRST policy—meaning you’re the first to receive the wrath of my inexplicable mood swings.

We practice true LOVE-LIFE BALANCE, allowing you space to pursue creative opportunities and me space to fuck other people at conferences.

We maintain an HONEST AND OPEN RELATIONSHIP, where you’re honest with me that you hate our open relationship.

And we LOVE EACH OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY, even when it doesn’t serve our careers.


✅Marriage is about ME.

✅Marriage is also a little bit about YOU.

✅We ARE DEFINITELY NOT doing this for engagement.

❤️ I love you so much, let’s touch-base soon for next steps. ❤️

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