The Queen is Dead (Because She Loved Muslims and We Put an End to That)”

“Hand in Glove (And It’s Slapping the Shit Out of Some Immigrants)”

“I Know It's Over (For the Muslims, If I Have Anything to Say About It)”

“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (Because I Just Saw a Brown Person at Topshop)”

“The Boy With the Thorn in His Side (Pistol-Whipped a Defenseless Immigrant Child and Then I High-Fived Him)”

“Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (You Know, An All-White England)”

“This Charming Man (Is an Openly Racist Asswipe)”

“There is a Light That Never Goes Out (And It’s Burning This Pile of Books Written By Non-White Authors)”

“Suffer Little Children (Unless They’re the Product of an Immigrant Family, In Which Case Lock Them Up)”

“The Headmaster Ritual (Is Totally Cool By Me Now Because They Love to Wail on Non-White Kids and I Wholeheartedly Endorse That Behavior)”

“Pretty Girls Make Graves (For Immigrants We Don’t Want and I Smile at Those Girls and Give Them a Thumbs-Up Because I’m a Hateful Racist Arse)”

“Barbarism Begins At Home (So It’s In Your Hands to Do The Right Thing and Teach Your Children to Hate Others Who Don’t Look Like Them or Believe The Things They Believe)”

“What She Said (Was Extremely Racist and I Fully Supported It)”

“That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (Unless It’s Super Fucking Racist Like Me)”

“You've Got Everything Now (Meaning a Complete Picture of My Unapologetically Bigoted Nature)”

“I Don't Owe You Anything (Unless You’re an Anti-Islamic Terror Group Hiding Behind the Guises of Nationalism and Democracy in Which Case I Will Blindly Support You)”

“Nowhere Fast (Is Where My Career Should Be Headed But Somehow Everyone Seems to Love My Psychotic Rhetoric Like I’m Some Kind of Uptight British Kanye)”

“Well I Wonder (If Anyone Actually Gives a Shit About Their Idols Outing Themselves as Racist Fucktwits)”

“Meat is Murder (And I Will Continue to Vehemently Oppose the Unethical Treatment of Animals in a Way That is Now Hilariously Juxtaposed By My Total Disregard for Human Life)”

“Bigmouth Strikes Again”