You spoke, and we listened! Based on your overwhelmingly positive reviews of our current White Noise app offerings like Crowded Room, City Street and Hair Dryer Blowing, we've been hard at work developing new sounds for you to relax and fall asleep to.

We are excited to introduce White Noise Pro: The Metropolitan Sounds.

Upgrade your app and get these groundbreaking sounds today! Sounds include:

  • Ambulance Sirens and Various Car Alarms
  • Rush Hour Traffic and Sporadic Honking
  • Garbage Truck Backing Up
  • Above-Ground Subway Rail Squeal
  • Drunk People Hollering Indecipherably and Sometimes Yelling “STELLA”
  • Construction Soundscapes:
    • Indoor: Hammering, Banging, Drilling, Stud-finder Not Finding
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Reverberating Machine Humming (Origin Unknown)
    • Outdoor: Jackhammering Outside Your Window to Repair Broken Sewer Pipe and Also to Install Verizon Fios Line
  • Next-Door Neighbor Medleys:
    • Smoke Detector Low Battery Chirping While Neighbor Out of Town
    • One-Sided Phone Conversation: You Know Stacy Dumped Nick, But Why?
    • Impromptu Dance Party to “Who Let the Dogs Out?” on Repeat
    • Arguing, Throwing Things, Slamming Doors, with Occasional Wall Punch
    • Netflix Trailers Auto-Play, Continuous and Really Loud

Free Bonus Sound: Fireworks, Mostly Illegal